Monday 7 November 2016

12 Days of Christmas DIY Challenges ~ Gift Wrapping

... from fabric scraps

Today's 12 Days of Christmas DIY Challenges just might help us to lessen the mountain of paper that's often thrown out during the festive season. Over the last couple of years, I've made good inroads into using more reusable gift wrapping solutions.

Make reusable gift wrapping from fabric scraps ~ Threading My Way

Today's challenge - Challenge #6
Make some gift wrapping from your fabric scraps. Vicky sets the challenge...

I have lots of ideas for today's challenge, starting with drawstring bags. Unless it's a very large bag, they really don't use up much fabric at all.

Reusable fabric gift bag tutorial ~ Threading My Way

A couple of years ago I made small drawstring bags with boxed corners. Inside one I put a watch, and in the other I added some jewellery. Even though they were for Christmas, I didn't choose Christmassy fabric, so they can be used year round.

Christmas Gift Bags ~ Threading My Way

Christmas Themed Drawstring Gift Bags - it's all in the fabric. This time the fabric is Christmassy, but still allowing them to be used year round.

30 Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

30 Reusable Fabric Gift Bags - all with tutorials. Choose one to suit the size and shape of the gift.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas ~ Threading My Way

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas - children's art, pillowcases, reusable bags, fabric scrap ribbons. 

A present in a pillowcase ~ Threading My Way

Present Wrapped in a Pillowcase - with a handmade card

Reusable Christmas Gift Wrapping - from super simple to fully lined ~ Threading My Way

Reusable Christmas Gift Wrapping - from super simple to lined bags. The easy ones literally take minutes to make.

Upcyled Jeans Pocket and Fabric Scraps Gift Bag by Jill, from Creating My Way to Success

Vicky, from Vicky Myers Creations shows just how easy it is to make a Wine Bottle Gift Bag from a Shirt Sleeve.

Marisa, from Passion et Couture, has made a Wine Bottle Gift Bag using crazy patchwork, embellishing it with laces and buttons.

Or how about a Hanging Fabric Cone. These would look fabulous hanging on the tree. Josie, from Sew for Soul has written a tutorial on making one.

Sara, from Radiant Home Studio, made Embroidered Fabric Envelopes for Valentines Day. They could just as easily be made for Christmas.

Add ric rac and ribbons to embellish Fabric Gift Bags, as Lisa, from Cucicucicoo, has done. You can even make large zig zags instead of hemming the top - saves time and looks great.

For more gift wrapping ideas from fabric scraps have a look at...

Now it's over to you. What solutions do you have for making gift wrapping from fabric scraps? Add your ideas to the link party. It will remain open till Christmas.

The 12 Days of Christmas DIY Challenges is brought to you by...

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  1. I try to wrap as few gifts as possible in paper - I've delivered Christmas gifts already to my family when we were visiting, and the only ones that had to go in paper were 3 awkwardly sized boxes (upcycled fruit cup boxes, LOL). I put them in paper because I ran out of time, but it occurred to me afterwards that I could have made quick drawstring bags from Christmas tea towels - I bought new ones last year for that exact purpose! I need to remember to pull them out and get them stitched up for this year :D


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