Friday 18 November 2016

25% off any purchase ~ Michelle Patterns

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Two months ago I showed you my new Grocery Bag. That post attracted a LOT of attention, so I thought I'd mention that the pattern I used to make it is on sale, at Michelle Patterns*, right now, through to midnight PST - 23 November 2016, with the discount code - holiday

Michelle Patterns 25% off any purchase sale

It's not just the Grocery Bag pattern* that's discounted. The sale is 25% off any purchase with the discount code - holiday

It's one of the two times each year where everything is on sale with no minimum purchase. 

This was the first grocery bag I made with Michelle's Grocery Bag pattern. I've written a detailed review of the pattern. Since then I've made four more as presents, and half a dozen more for me. There's another two on the Christmas To Do list, too. I'll have to show you pics of mine in action when I get my act together.

... Pam


  1. It's always fun to find a new design to stitch up - and even better when it's on sale! I have a lot of Michelle Patterns patterns - she has created some awesome designs over the years :D And yep - I have this bag pattern!

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