Sunday 21 August 2011

A Place for Everything...

When our children left home, Mr TMW and I each took over one of the kid's bedrooms as our own rooms for hobbies. Originally, I only put one desk in my room and consequently had my sewing machine set up in the dining room, with all of my sewing gear stored in my room. This set up worked quite well, but I wanted everything in the same room.

So off to Ikea and I bought a second desk for my sewing machine. The two existing EXPEDIT bookcases were rearranged and moved to appear as one. Funnily enough, this has actually made the room look larger. 

Ikea now have drawer inserts to fit into the EXPEDIT bookcases. I purchased four of these to house some of my fabric stash. The rest I'm happy to have on show. I also bought two fabric covered boxes which fit the bookcase perfectly. These slide in and out very easily. I'm thrilled with how it all fits together. I can store my fabric, photo albums and sewing books exactly where I want them. Inside the two cane baskets are all the genealogy info we have for both of our families. Again, all within easy reach. 

I already had one filing cabinet underneath my existing desk, but bought another for underneath the new sewing desk. It's perfect for storing cottons, scissors and things that I want at my finger tips as I sew, as I can reach it without moving from my chair as I sew. 

The last purchase was an inexpensive shoe organiser from Big W. It hangs behind the door and is perfect for storing small items such as zippers, ribbon, ric rac and piping cord.

I'm not a tidy person by any means, but I do like to be organised and this means everything needs to have its own place.

All in all, I'm very happy with my little make over.


  1. Great idea with the shoe organizer! Maybe I could get one of those next time I'm in IKEA (if they have). Much better than boxes that take up shelf space or table space.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog :-)

  2. That shoes organizer behind the door is a fantastic idea.. I think I need to do Simmilar!!

  3. I must get an over the door shoe organizer...that's a smart way to store trims and such plus it's a space saver. Thanks for sharing!


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