Saturday 6 August 2011

Sewing Machine Maintenance...

I don't like oiling sewing machines. When it says one drop, I invariably use more and I find it hard to work out from the diagrams, just where the oil is supposed to go. The first time I oiled this machine, I wasn't convinced I had done it properly.

This time when the oil light came up, I thought I'd better clean the stitch plate and the hook. Initially, I couldn't follow the diagram and thought I'd have to ask Mr TMW to help when he came home from doing the shopping. However, I persevered and was able to successfully remove and clean them both, with no help.

With the hook removed and a strong light directed at the sewing machine, I was able to see where that one drop of oil should go. I know I put it in the correct place, because I could hear the difference, which means I didn't do it properly last time.

I'm not at all mechanically minded, so I was very pleased with myself for not needing help!

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