Wednesday 3 August 2011

A New Beginning...

For quite some time now, I've been wanting to start my own blog. However, I'm a great procrastinator, if I'm unsure about something. I like to get things just right the first time and there's SO much I don't know about blogging. Not to mention, my doubts:
- Will anyone read my blog?
- Do I want to put myself out there?
- Will I measure up?

I learn a lot by reading other peoples' blogs; mainly sewing and craft related. It's a world I'd like to be part of, so I'm entering this new world with next to no knowledge... finding my way, so to speak.

When my children were little, I made the majority of their clothes. In the main, I enjoyed doing so, but it was also done out of necessity, to save money. It was also usually done in a rush, whilst working full time. As the children grew older, the need to sew became less as we established ourselves. Life became busy with other things and sewing faded into the past.

Fast forward many years, enter grandchildren and extended long service leave and I have a renewed enthusiasm for sewing. This time I can sew at my leisure and I find I am REALLY enjoying it.

Yesterday I signed and posted my retirement papers, effective as of next month. It's time to redefine myself and learn new things. Perhaps entering the blogging world of sewing and crafting can help me to do that. Here goes...

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  1. And what a ride it's been so far, huh? I just sent you an email but I thought I'd also be the "first" one to leave you a comment! :-D


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