Tuesday 25 June 2019

Darning Holes in Jeans

Here are the jeans I referred to last week when talking about the return of my sewing mojo - three pairs of men's jeans, all with holes in the crotch area. I honestly feel we should all start to learn how to repair clothes like our grandparents or great grandparents. They put much less strain on our planet, using far less resources per person than we do now-a-days. 

In the past I have darned jeans by both hand and machine. Whilst both methods work, it's easier on the hands to use a machine, and I think the end result looks better if you are aiming to fill in the hole with stitching. On the other hand, if you want to make a feature of the stitching with boro or sashiko, hand stitching is the way to go.

With time being in short supply at the moment, I didn't even think about hand sewing! It was much quicker to repair them with the machine, using a combination of these two tutorials...

The first hole was relatively small and easy to darn. I must get some indigo or dark navy thread, though, The blues I have were all too bright, so I went with black. I don't think it'll be seen, so it should be OK.

I matched the thread colour much better on the second pair. Even so, it's obvious they've been darned as the darned area is rather large.

The third pair had an even bigger area to be mended! I had repaired a small hole in these jeans some time ago, and that repair has held, but the fabric around it has thinned. I'm not sure if my son will wear this pair. I reckon they're Ok for around the house - see what he says

If he thinks they're too far gone, I'll take them back and save for repurposing.

What do you do with jeans when they have holes?

There's more than one way to mend holes in jeans. Here's a few links you may find helpful...

... Pam


  1. Hi Pam,

    Yes, I repair jeans the same way - then they are worn again!
    Have a look at my posting of today, I have posted my AMC, on the topic Ausstralia - Peace;-)

    Greetings from Germany,

  2. I think I would have snagged that second pair of jeans for the sewing basket Pam, you are a much more determined repairer than I am :)

  3. I must say that none of the jeans in our household have ever busted apart in that area! My hubby's jeans fail at the knees and get put aside for "outdoor chores" wear. Mine might fray along the bottom hem because I tend to wear my jeans in a longer length than some of my shoes accommodate, but I can't recall when any have developed an actual hole. So long story short, I don't repair jeans!

    Good job on yours, though. I hope the effort was appreciated!


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