Wednesday 12 June 2019

Travel Storage Bags ~ Double Drawstring Bags ~ Tutorial

Drawstring bags are SO easy to whip up, making them a great sewing project for a beginner. Whenever I have the need to pack a bag, whether it be for an overnight stay, a holiday, or travel, I keep my backpack or suitcase organised with drawstring bags in an assortment of sizes. I usually make them with a double drawstring so the top stays closed. Today's tutorial will show you how...

Learn how to make travel storage bags - drawstring bag tutorial - Threading My Way

  • Any reasonably sturdy fabric, but not too thick. Quilting cotton is fine. I made my bags with a furnishing weight cotton fabric - thicker than quilting cotton, but not a really heavy furnishing fabric.
  • Cord or ribbon for the drawstrings. This post might give you some ideas - Creative, Money Saving Ideas for Drawstring Cords

Make the bag any size you want. I'll give you the dimensions for three bags...
  1. Two pieces of fabric: 11" x 13" (28cm x 33cm) + two pieces of cord, each 28" (71cm)
  2. Two pieces of fabric: 14" x 17" (36cm x 43cm) + two pieces of cord, each 35" (90cm)
  3. Two pieces of fabric: 14" x 22" (36cm x 56cm) + two pieces of cord, each 35" (90cm)

Approximate Finished Dimensions
  1. 10" x 11½" (25cm x 29cm) 
  2. 13" x 15" (33cm x 38cm) 
  3. 13" x 20" (28cm x 50cm) 

Read all instructions before you begin.

All seams are ⅜"(1cm), unless otherwise indicated.

Basting (hand sewing with a long stitch), is a good way to hold seams together while sewing two pieces of fabric together. The fabric won't move, and you don't have to worry about keeping pins away from the machine needle. Another good alternative is wonder clipsIf you do use pins, remove them as you sew - keep them well away from the presser foot - don't sew over them!

  • Cut fabric to size.
  • Individually neaten (zig zag or overlock) three edges. No need to neaten the top edge. Don't sew the two pieces of fabric together when neatening.
  • Measure 2.5" (6cm) from the top edge and mark on the wrong side.
  • Repeat for the second side.
  • Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together.
  • Starting at the first mark, sew down one side seam, across the bottom, and up the second side, stopping at the second mark.
  • Backstitch when stopping and starting.

  • Fold the top edge over ¼".
  • Stitch or press.
  • Finger press the un-sewn seam edges flat.
  • Sew three lines of stitching to hold each seam in place - down one side to the join, across the join and up the other side.
  • Sew back and forth across the join a couple of times.

The blue lines will give you a better idea of how to sew down the top of the seams for the openings.

  • Fold the top edge over with a 1" (2½cm) hem.
  • Finger press or press.
  • Stitch.

Drawstring Cords:
  • Using a safety pin, thread the first cord through the entire drawstring casing. Both ends of the one cord will come out of the same opening.
  • Repeat with the second cord and the second opening.
  • Knot the ends of each cord.

That's all there is to it. You've finished!

If you'd like to box the corners, check out my Easy to Make Drawstring Bag tutorial.

The smallest bag fits my Summer sandals perfectly. For Winter boots, I'd need to make the bag larger. 

I made five bags all up. I've run out of the right size piping cord, so need to buy more for the last three bags. Creative, Money Saving Ideas for Drawstring Cords will give you lots of ideas for materials to use for the cords. In this case, however, I'm using piping cord as it goes well with the fabric.

The largest of my bags is going to be used as a laundry bag for travel. For overnight stays, I use either my button up bags, or small drawstring bags, both made from pre-loved shirts.

Learn how to make travel storage bags - drawstring bag tutorial - Threading My Way

How do you keep your bags organised when you are away from home?

Because of the drawstring cords, these bags are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

... Pam

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  1. LOL, Pam - for me, that fabric would be too pretty to carry shoes in!

    When I go anywhere, I do have one drawstring bag that I use to keep two pairs of shoes in, and recently I've started using my "tank top turned into bag" thing to carry bottles of lotion or sunscreen. Apart from that, oversize zip lock bags are my friends when I need to organize the contents of my luggage.


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