Sunday 30 June 2019

Showcasing ~ Felt Embroidered Scissors Cover ~ Tutorial

I don't know about you, but I have many pairs of scissors, strictly for sewing. The cut anything else scissors live on the other side of the room to my sewing scissors. However, I don't have any covers specifically for scissors, to keep the sharp points from damaging other items when I'm out and about. I must rectify this!

Learn how to make a customised felt cover for scissors. Tutorial by Sum of their Stories.

Julie, from Sum of their Stories, shows how to make a felt scissors cover that is completely sewn by hand. Embroidered flowers have been added to the front, and there's a snap at the top to ensure the scissors don't fall out. Follow the instructions to make covers for all your scissors, no matter what size.

Talking of scissors, are you game to tell me how many you have in your collection?

Mayra, from So Sew Easy, recommends seven types of scissors for the sewing room. I have five out of seven - multiples of most, though.

Julie's,  Felt Scissors Cover was added to the Sewing Accessories link party. You might like to check out the following Tutorials also from the Sewing Accessories linky...

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