Sunday, 26 February 2017

Showcasing ~ Easy Tote Bag ~ Tutorial

Learn how to make a sturdy tote bag that's just the right size for grocery shopping. Today's showcased tutorial will show you how.

Learn how to make a sturdy tote bag that's the right size for grocery shopping. Tutorial by Libby's Lifestyle.

Libby took less than 45 minutes to make her unlined tote bag. Made from sturdy cotton duck, the construction and stitching makes for a strong and stable bag. The comprehensive tutorial, complete with many photos, will step you through the process.

The hard part, is remembering to take the bags with you when you go shopping. What method do you have for not forgetting grocery bags?

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... Pam


  1. Pretty bag :) We keep our grocery bags in the trunk of the car ... which doesn't help me at all when I'm out and about on my own, hehe. I try to remember to take a bag or two in my purse but I don't always (= rarely) remember.

  2. I hang them next to my car keys, that helps!!


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