Friday 10 February 2017

Sewn by YOU ~ Drawstring Fabric Baskets

I am always thrilled when readers let me know they've made something from one of my sewing tutorials. Looking at the photos makes my day - every single time!!! I love seeing the fabrics chosen, modifications made and the various purposes the finished items have been used for. Today I thought I'd show you some projects made using the Fabric Basket with Drawstring Top tutorial.

Lindsey, from Lost and Fawned, modified the tutorial, adding a contrasting base, and also tabs on the ends of the drawstring cords. What a great way to prevent the drawstring from coming undone! Inside she popped goodies for the Stitch Kit Swap, and sent it off to her partner. Lindsey suggested - with the bag cinched up and yarn coming through the top, it could be used for knitting on the go.

The bright, bold, fun colours of Michele's bag are perfect for a lunch tote - a clever idea to use shoe laces for the drawstring cords. It's good to hear that Michele's lunch tote has held up to the test of time, having been in use for several months now.

Samantha made her drawstring basket for a train loving boy. Can't go wrong with polka dot fabric! It co-ordinates beautifully with that awesome train fabric.

Another basket with beautifully co-ordinated fabrics. Brandy, from Gluesticks, gifted the basket, complete with two gauze blankets inside. No tossing this gift basket after the baby shower.

Mandy has cleverly cut up a tea towel set to get contrasting, but co-ordinating fabrics for her basket. The polka dot fabric is perfect with the gorgeous bird fabric.

With scraps of denim and a bed sheet, Irene, from Serger Pepper, has made a pencil case. Thinking outside the square, she has substituted air filter material for the batting. Irene is a refashionista extraordinaire.

Like most bloggers, getting feedback motivates me and usually, this is in the form of comments. Seeing a photo of a project made with one of my tutorials takes this to a whole new level. I seriously ADORE all of your projects, ladies!!! Thank you SO much for allowing me to show your photos to Threading My Way readers.

Both Michele and Irene suggested that longer handles would make the bag easier to carry around. Thank you both for mentioning this. My tutorials are just that - free tutorials. They're not patterns I'm selling, therefore I don't have others pattern test for me. Honest feedback is invaluable.

The drawstring fabric basket tutorial was written after having made the car basket above, and the pink blue one below. At the time, I envisaged the drawstring top functioning as a way to close the bag and prevent the contents from falling out. I didn't really think about how much would be put inside.

Hence the photos with the contents reaching the top of the basket part, and not extending the drawstring closure.

Having seen the baskets in use, they are often filled to capacity, one with crafting projects, and the other with all manner of bits and pieces.

In the near future, I'll modify the original tutorial, adding dimensions for an alternate, longer set of handles. Thanks again, Michele and Irene!

Next month I'll be attending a quilting retreat, and I think a little basket like this would come in handy to sit on the table next to my sewing machine. If I get my act together, I'll make one with longer handles before then.

Make a fabric basket with a drawstring closure. Tutorial at Threading My Way

If you make something with any one of my tutorials, I'd love to see photos:

Because of the drawstring cord, this basket is not suitable for use by children under 3 years of age.

... Pam


  1. WOW I adore these as well - I can't even pick a favourite because the fabrics are all rather yummy :D The tabs on the end of the drawstrings is a must steal idea - a great way to use up some little scraps, and of course they'll co-ordinate perfectly with the project :)

  2. These are all so cute and useful. Plus, unique, because they are not store-bought. Very nice!

    1. Thanks, Danette. I love how they're all unique, but equally adorable.

  3. I seriously love the look of these. My travel shoe bag has outlived its usefulness and since I always stuff two pairs into it, a modified version of this might fit the bill as a replacement.

  4. While I make most of my gifts, I'm a little behind on making a gift wrapped in handmade. Recycled tissue and gift bag from the dollar store are more my style. I need to make a couple of these to have on hand.

  5. All the bags are wonderful! I have added it on my todo list although I am not good at sewing. I can also try this idea for a crochet bag.

  6. Thanks for featuring my lunch tote! I love all the others too! My next tote will have a skinny long pocket on the inside to store utensils😉


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