Wednesday 1 February 2017

Library Bag & Matching Pencil Case ~ Charity Sewing

It's that time of year in Australia when kids are starting a new school year. Unlike many other countries, our kids go into new classes at the beginning of the year, straight after the long Summer holidays. To enable them to borrow and take home Library books, most schools require each child to have their own Library bag (book bag).

Easy to make library bag and matching pencil case ~ charity sewing ~ Threading My Way

When Margie, from Nanny + Friends Charity Sew, put out the call to help make Library bags with an Indigenous theme, I remembered a fabric in my stash that would fit the bill nicely. 

Another case of the right project eventually coming along for a piece of fabric that had been sitting patiently for years, waiting to be chosen.

Easy to make library bag and matching pencil case ~ charity sewing ~ Threading My Way

I've followed Margie's Library Tote Tutorial, adding an Australian Indigenous fabric for the pocket. The easy to follow tutorial results in a sturdy bag, with one longish strap, and a flap that closes with velcro. The cream fabric you can see, is a piece of calico which will be used as a name tag.

As the tutorial suggests a heavy weight fabric, lining is not necessary. The inside is kept neat and tidy with French seams.

The matching pencil case has been made with the same fabrics, and keeping to the colours of the Australian Aboriginal Flag.

Easy to make library bag and matching pencil case ~ charity sewing ~ Threading My Way

This library bag and pencil case will be sent to the Barwon Learning Centre in Moree, along with 17 others. Each bag will have a different Indigenous print on the front, making it easier for the children to quickly identify their own. As I only had one piece of suitable fabric, I only made one set.

I'm off to a good start with charity sewing this year. I showed you the toiletry bags the other day, and later this week I'll show you some more items I made for charity in January.

And, I've already cut out fabric for charity projects to make in February - feel good, stash busting sewing. If I keep going at this rate, AND if I don't buy more fabric, (who am I kidding), I just might be able to see a tiny dent in the stash by the end of the year.

How about you, do you have plans to use up some of your stash this year?

... Pam


  1. That print is AWESOME! Cute bags - I'm sure a kid/kids will be thrilled to receive them :) I'm with you on the "might see a tiny dent" aspect, LOL - I'm working on pillowcases for my stash-busting efforts - I think I've made 9 this month - thats 9m of fabric *poof* busted! No visible dent in stash noticed, though - it'll take a few more dozen cases to be able to see any change ;)

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