Saturday 11 February 2017

Showcasing ~ How to Sew Storage Boxes ~ Tutorial

The larger the size of a fabric box, the harder it is to make the sides sturdy so the box stands upright. Today's showcased tutorial overcomes that problem.

Learn how to make a storage boxes from fabric and cardboard. Tutorial by Tea and a Sewing Machine.

Anna, from Tea and a Sewing Machine, shows how to make a Fabric Storage Box with solid sides. The box is cleverly made with removable cardboard inserts, held in place inside fabric pockets and fastened securely to prevent the cardboard falling out. Anna's comprehensive tutorial will step you through the process.

Anna added her Fabric Storage Box to the Fabric Baskets link party. You might like to check out the following links at the Fabric Baskets linky...
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... Pam


  1. Great idea! I'd made some boxes with cut cardboard to fit my shelves, but I didn't like how I had to enclose them. Love this idea of the button enclosure!

  2. Hi Pam,

    This is a great big box that I would definitely like to work after. Nice big boxes are missing again and again!

    Greetings Klaudia

  3. Thanks for sharing the link for this one, Pam. I really need to make some of these!

  4. Thanks for featuring my box :)

  5. Pretty AND practical - I like this :)


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