Friday 3 February 2017

Mini Log Cabin Quilt Top ~ Stashbusting

Here's my finished mini log cabin quilt top. I must say, I'm rather pleased with how it looks, even if it has taken me three years to get to this point.

Make a mini log cabin quilt top ~ Threading My Way

In January, 2014, I began sewing mini log cabin blocks, using only fabric from my stash. Measuring 4½" square before sewing, they're really small. I really enjoyed the process of turning those tiny scraps into little quilt blocks.

With the exception of the centre piece of each block, all strips are cut to 1", the same as my patchwork drawstring bag. This results in finished strips of ½" once sewn. So, yes, that's tiny!

Make a mini log cabin quilt top ~ Threading My Way

By May of the same year, I had completed 36 mini log cabins, and I felt quite a sense of achievement. Again using 1" strips, this time for sashing, I turned the 36 minis into 9 larger blocks, with a finished size of 9".

And that's where I stopped - 9 blocks completed. I was on the down hill run! I even had the sashing and border fabrics out and ready to go, but I packed it all away.

Make a mini log cabin quilt top ~ Threading My Way

Between Christmas and New Year, when I succeeded in only sewing projects already started, I finished the quilt top. It was just a matter of cutting out the mauve sashing, and the border fabrics, then putting it tall together.
  • mauve sashing cut to 1½" wide
  • mauve border cut to 2½" wide
  • purple border cut to 4" wide
  • finished quilt top measures 36" x 36"

Everything you see is from my stash, both yardage and smaller pieces of fabric. There's a real feeling of satisfaction knowing I didn't have to buy anything. Well, at some point I did, but you know what I mean. Many of the purples and mauves were an Op Shop (Thrift Store) find, and the rest were left overs from my Retro Flower Power Pillow.

So, why have I packed it all away again? The backing fabric is cut out and ready. I just have to see if I have enough batting in my stash. And it won't be hard to quilt, as it's quite small. Perhaps I'm procrastinating, or maybe I just like to flit between projects, not spending too long on each one, at any particular time.

Make a mini log cabin quilt top ~ Threading My Way

I was inspired to begin sewing mini log cabins, thanks to a sew-along at Sew Can She. The aim was to make one mini log cabin, and turn it into something. Ha, ha... so why did I choose to make 36 mini log cabins? I obviously didn't keep up with the sew along time frame of one month!!!

You can find all the details for making a mini log cabin over at Sew Can She. Due to the small size you may find them fiddly, but really they're not at all hard to do. My Peter Rabbit quilt is based on log cabin style blocks.

I'll be adding my mini log cabin quilt top, to the Quilting & Patchwork link party here at Threading My Way. There's just under 300 projects in the collection.

Tell me I'm in good company. Do you procrastinate like I do?

... Pam


  1. Your mini looks great! I have to set myself deadlines to get quilting done.

  2. Hello Pam,
    Your Blockhouse Quilts looks great ... and the nice result counts, -) ... even if it took a bit. The colors harmonize very great together!

    Greetings Klaudia

  3. Hi Pam. Just found your post. It's cool. I love your lavender log cabin quilt!
    Mary in Az

  4. Procrastinate? Not often. But for something as intricate as this, I would probably never do it so I guess that's major procrastination! But I really, really admire the result - it looks fantastic. What are your plans for it once it's "done" done?

  5. That will be a sweet baby or toddler quilt when it gets finished :)

    Yes, sign me up for Procrastinators Anonymous - I wouldn't have so many UFOs and so much fabric if I wasn't the CEO, or at least a Charter Member! ;)


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