Wednesday 8 February 2017

Easy to Make Women's Infinity Scarves

More feel good, stash busting sewing to show you today. This time it's infinity scarves - 15 of them. If you've never made garments for yourself, an infinity scarf is a good place to start. The fit is not at all critical, and mistakes are easily hidden.

Chiffon type fabric ~ 9" x 75"/76"/78"

I raided my stash for all of the scarves you can see, and it felt good. The fabric had either been given to me, or found for next to nothing at Op Shops (Thrift Stores). I have trouble saying, No, when I'm offered fabric, and I have even more difficulty leaving a bargain sitting on a shelf in a shop - even when I have no idea what I'll use the fabric for.

When it comes to quilting cottons, I know the right project will eventually come along. And so, I'm happy to have a stash that is multiplying at a faster rate than I can keep up with.

Spoonflower Jersey ~ 8" x 56"

Stretch fabric and garment fabrics are another story. When I see knit fabrics, I think of all the t-shirts, sweaters and track pants I used to make for my kids. They were so quick and easy to sew, and so I snap up any bargains I see.

The reality, though, is that I've done very little sewing with knit fabric in recent years...

Consequently, I have way too much knit fabric, and it's the same with dress making fabric.

Spoonflower Jersey ~ 8" x 56"

When Sewing for Charity Australia put out the call for women's scarves, my mind went straight to the fabrics in my stash that are not quilting cottons. THIS is the right project - infinity scarves. They will be making their way to the Life's Little Treasures Foundation, via Sewing for Charity Australia, ready for Mothers Day.

Thickish stretch fabric ~ 8½" x 60"

I'm not going to do a tutorial, as there's so many online, but basically it's sewing two seams...
  • with right sides together, sew the long sides.
  • turn right side out.
  • with a machine, sew the short ends together, as far as you can.
  • sew the rest by hand.

As you can see by the captions under the photos, the dimensions can vary to suit your own style, and the type of fabric. Depending on the length, they can be wrapped around two or three times.

Shiny woven fabric ~ 10½" x 59"

Refashioned & Upcycled Infinity Scarf TUTORIALS:

Multiple Fabric Scarf TUTORIALS:

Stretch fabric of some sort ~ 9½" x 56"

Knit Fabric Infinity Scarf TUTORIALS:

Woven Fabric Infinity Scarf TUTORIALS:
Warm Fabric Infinity Scarf TUTORIALS:
Lightweight / Chiffon Infinity Scarf TUTORIALS:

Stretch fabric ~ 11" x 52"

Knitting / Crochet Infinity Scarf TUTORIALS:

I've sewn a few infinity scarves now... a couple for me, some for the shop, and now 15 for charity.

However, it's way too hot to even be thinking about wearing scarves of any description in Australia at the moment. I can't wait for Summer to finish!!!

Since my successful stash busting efforts making infinity scarves, I've made a trip to my local quilting store. Yes, you know what's coming next - more fabric purchased to add to the stash. But, it's my favourite type of fabric - quilting cottons. I'll show you in the next few days.

Is your incoming greater than your outgoing? Let me know I'm not alone.

... Pam


  1. Incoming fabric is definitely higher than outgoing in this neck of the woods too Pam, you are absolutely not alone :)

  2. Your scarves are wonderful, Pam, the ladies are going to love them! I haven't purchased new fabrics in a long time, as I am trying to work through my enormous stash, insert sad face here, lol! I sure do miss my quilt stores ☺

    1. Thanks so much, Sheila. You are showing great self control!!!


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