Saturday 4 March 2017

Showcasing ~ Adding a Zipper to a Hooded Sweatshirt

Today's showcased tutorial is much easier than you might first think. I know some people see the word ZIPPER and straight away dismiss the project as being too hard. If this is you, read on to see how to add a zipper to a too tight hoodie...

Learn how to add a zipper to a too tight hooded sweatshirt. Tutorial by Keeping It Real.

Teresa shows how to easily add a zipper to a too tight hoodie. No more struggles trying to get into a hooded sweater that's too tight at the neckline, once you've made this simple alteration. The detailed instructions include photos for every step of the process. Such a simple alteration, for a lot of benefit.

This is a clothing alteration I've never tried - one of those, why didn't I think of that ideas. 

Teresa added her clothing alteration tutorial to the Sewing Tips & Techniques link party. You might like to check out the following projects at the Sewing Tips & Techniques linky...
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... Pam


  1. Clever, clicked through to her post and pinned!

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