Sunday 28 June 2020

Showcasing ~ Upcycled Vintage Map Bunting ~ Tutorial

Don't know what to do with old, paper maps you have lying around? Repurpose and put them on show.

Josie, from Sew for Soul, shows how to make Upcycled Vintage Map Bunting. They're a very quick and easy make, and look so effective with the added lace.

I have great difficulty reading a map, so I ditched them as soon as I could for a dedicated sat nav. Now, I'd be lost without my mobile phone. I've been known to become hysterical trying to navigate to somewhere new with a map. What about you? What do you use to get you from place to place?

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... Pam


  1. While I do use the modern navigation systems I still use paper maps and really like them to get that big picture overview that you can't see on a little screen showing turn by turn. My youngest daughter resisted all attempts to teach her how to read a map and then one holiday she ended up with a last minute change of plans and called me while I was at my event and I just told her the map was in the car, I am not leaving my event to come to where you are at to show you how to get to the new meeting point.

    1. My lack of ability to read a map is not for want of trying... LOL!!! On one occasion when I was once lost, I pulled over to ask for directions. On my map I pointed to where I was and where I was wanting to go. The guy helping me replied.. Well, actually, you're not where you think. You're here.. and he pointed to a different location on my map. My family don't understand why I don't have that 'big picture overview' that you mentioned - it's not for want of trying.

  2. I am a big fan of the GPS. Wish I had seen this bunting idea back when when the kids went off on their many adventures.

  3. I can get lost even with the sat nav but I love the bunting :)

  4. I really enjoy this well-written, well-considered post that you have put together. Thank you. In the future, I'm excited to read more of your work.


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