Wednesday 1 July 2020

Cloth Table Napkins / Serviettes ~ 8 Free Tutorials

Whether you call them table napkins or serviettes, those made from fabric are definitely more environmentally friendly than paper. And, they look so much nicer, too.

Cloth table napkins are very easy to make and they only require a small amount of fabric - the more absorbent the better. In today's roundup, you'll find eight free tutorials, showing different methods of construction... 

Frayed Linen Napkins ~ no sewing ~ by Lia, from Lia Griffith

Fringe Cloth Napkins ~ minimal sewing ~ by Lisa, from Cucicucicoo Ecological Living

T-shirt Cloth Napkins ~ upcycling ~ by Helen, from Hello Sewing

Cloth Table Napkins ~ easy sew ~ by Pam, from Threading My Way

Cloth Table Napkins ~ and tablecloth ~ by Joy, from Yesterfood

Mitred Corner Table Napkins ~ with wide hem ~ by Elizabeth, from EACB

Mitred Corner Table Napkins ~ with narrow hem ~ by Jayden, from Back Road Bloom

Mitred Corner Table Napkins ~ two methods ~ by Caroline, from Sew Can She

Mitred Corner Table Napkins ~ with napkin sizes ~ by Shannon, from Home Made Lovely

If you're new to sewing, cloth table napkins are a good beginner project. It's hard to go wrong! And if you do make a mistake, just cut the mistake off, have another go and make a smaller napkin.

If you've made cloth table napkins before, what's your preferred construction method and your favourite choice of fabric?

Here in Australia, the terms table napkin and serviettes are both used. I think it's partly an age thing, but what they're made from is also a factor. My mother's generation would call them table napkins no matter what they're made from. I call the fabric version table napkins, but the paper ones, serviettes. Whereas younger people possibly don't even know what a table napkin is - paper or fabric - for them they're all serviettes.

Which term do you use - table napkin or serviette?

... Pam

Heading Image by Niborobin from Pixabay

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  1. Napkins! I made a fancy set with embroidery on white linen years ago that I still use for special dinners. I used a tutorial from a Martha Stewart book that gave me mitered corners that were easy and beautiful.

    My everyday napkins are from a restaurant supply store cuz I couldn't find the linen blend I wanted to make my own. They are so sturdy I may never need to make my own!

    Definitely will check the tutorials, though. Napkins/serviettes make great gifts.

  2. I love this! It's so easy to make cloth napkins and I love how you put together different ways to do it!

    p.s. We just call them cloth (or paper) napkins


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