Saturday 6 June 2020

Showcasing ~ Reusable Elastic Bowl Covers ~ Tutorial

Cut down on plastic in the kitchen by making a set of reusable fabric bowl covers. Not only will you be helping the environment, but there'll be no more fighting with cling wrap.

Learn how to make fabric bowl covers to keep food fresh in the fridge. Tutorial by Beginner Sewing Projects

Heather, from Beginner Sewing Projects, shows how to make Fabric Bowl Covers. All you need is fabric, bias tape and elastic. Make them to match your kitchen decor, or grab some fat quarters from your stash.

I need a set of these covers for my bowls. I don't use cling wrap - don't even own any. My fancy way of keeping food fresh is an upturned plate. Yes, time to lift my game.

How are you going with cutting down on plastic?

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... Pam


  1. Nice! I have some lightweight waterproof fabric that should work for these covers.

  2. Beginner Sewing Projects offers a tutorial on creating reusable fabric bowl covers, reducing plastic waste in the kitchen. The tutorial emphasizes simplicity, customization, and the practicality of using upturned plates instead of cling wrap. motorcycle accidents


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