Wednesday 10 May 2017

Upcyle a Button Down Shirt into Useful Storage Bags

What can you do with a button down shirt when it's no longer wearable? Even if the fabric is thinning, they still make quick and easy travel storage bags. I've made another set to show you today - six travel bags from two shirts.

Worn by my eldest son, these two garments began life as business shirts. In time, they were passed on to my youngest son. Knowing I like to refashion clothes, they were given to me when no longer needed.

From the front and back pieces, I made two button up bags, which literally took a few minutes to make. See my easiest travel storage bags you'll ever make tutorial to find out how to whip one up.

Instead of three bags from each shirt, as with my original bags, I made one larger one from each. As you can see, the one on the left is significantly smaller. This was due to a hole in the shirt.

The larger of the two bags has made its way back to my youngest son to use as a laundry bag while travelling. 

The sleeves from each shirt have been made into drawstring bags - another super quick make. Check out my easy shirt sleeve drawstring bags tutorial if you need help making them. Seriously though, I didn't even bother to measure the boxed corners this time. I just estimated and they've worked out fine. They're only going to be used for shoes or something similar, so precision didn't come into the equation.

Four shoe laces that I found in unopened packets in the back of my wardrobe were perfect for the drawstrings. They were just the right length, which meant I could keep the little plastic bits on the end to stop them from fraying.

When I can, I try to utilise items I already have at home, for the drawstring cords, if the purpose and style of the bag suits. In this case it did.

Upcycle a button down shirt into 3 travel storage bags. Tutorials at Threading My Way

Six storage bags from two shirts - I'm happy with that result. Took next to no time to make and cost me nothing!

What would you put inside these bags? I'm adding the ones my son didn't take, to my collection of travel storage bags - makes packing and living out of a suitcase so much easier when I travel. I find I never have enough.

I'll be adding my latest travel storage bags to the Reusing Shirts & Ties link party here at Threading My Way.

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... Pam


  1. HA I love the sleeve bags the best - so practical and cute!

  2. What a great idea to use your old shirts instead of giving them away!!

  3. You're really on a roll with your fabulous shirt upcycling ideas Pam and I love them all x

    1. Thanks, Josie. Quick projects that cost me nothing.

  4. Great idea-perfect for storing shoes in the luggage. Really anything!


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