Wednesday 17 May 2017

Hexagon Flowers ~ Quilt

My hexagon flowers are multiplying, and at a faster rate than I'd originally thought. Three years ago, when I first began cutting and basting small scraps of fabric into hexies, I had no idea what the end result would be. 

As time went on, single hexies became flowers, with the thought that if I lived to be 100, I just might end up with a quilt. Turns out I won't have to wait till I'm 100 years old!

According to an online calculator, I need 1313 hexies, to make a quilt the same size as my Scrappy Blocks Quilt. If I factor in borders, that means even less hexies.

As of last night, I have 115 hexagon flowers, which makes a grand total of 805 hexies, and that's not counting the bone coloured hexies that I've begun to sew around some of the flowers.

It's time for me to start planning the overall design of the quilt. If I keep sewing flowers, I may just have too many, or even a larger quilt than anticipated.

I've seen lots of Grandmother Flower Garden quilts, with the majority having two rows of hexies, in addition to the centre. I'm keeping mine at one row.

As in the photo above, if I butt the flowers next to each other, I think the end result will be too busy.

Adding a neutral colour on the outside of each flower would look nice, but I know I don't have enough of the fabric I've started with. It has tiny blue and white flecks throughout, and if I do choose this option, I'd like to be consistent.

Another thought is to only surround alternate flowers with the neutral. Ignore the bottom row in the photo above, and just look at the top. Ha, ha... I get confused easily with anything that's remotely like a jigsaw. I'd still need to fill in the gaps with the neutral, but there would be less needed than the option before.

I would really value your thoughts on ways to sew the flowers into a quilt.

I don't think it's an old line of fabric, so I'm sure I'd be able to source more fabric if needed.

Most of my hand sewing is done at night in front of the TV. If you enjoy hand sewing, making hexies can be addictive. I find it quite therapeutic. Mr TMW thinks I'm mad... LOL!!! He may be right.

... Pam


  1. I like the top row with alternating neutral surrounds. Sounds like you would be happiest if you got enough of your background color to be consistent.

  2. I am not much good at jigsaws either Pam, but if you can make it work I like the top row version best too.

  3. I think you've answered your question as you asked it as the alternating option requires less neutral. Plus bordering each flower makes for a 'double row' of neutral and the flowers will be less abundant, a single row (alternating option) provides a pretty pathway between the flowers.
    Might actually be close to start assembling ... how wonderful for you .... hexagons ARE addictive, When I completed a flower garden I found I was sad to no longer need to piece hexagons together - it's the best part .....

    1. I won't know what to do while watching TV once it's finished, Joy. Maybe I'll have to start another... LOL!!! I certainly veering towards the alternating option.

  4. I haven't seen many flower garden quilts, so I'm not familiar with the finishes - no help from me :D I just like the hexy flowers - they're pretty and colourful :)

  5. This is going to be amazing when all put together! Quilts are so time consuming but such a treasure.

  6. You can enjoy hand quilting the lovely flower garden in front of tv - not as portable as hand piecing ... you've inspired me to start a little stash of hexagons, your flower top looks so much fun!

    1. Is it wrong to want to machine quilt my hexie quilt? I can't picture how it would look if I did machine quilting, but I'm not sure I'm up to hand quilting, although I love the look when others do it well. Lots of time to think about it. Have fun with your hexies, Joy.

  7. With the solid flowers scatter throughout, I don't think it will look busy. I like scrappy quilts anyway. It's gonna look great no matter which way you go.

  8. I like the very top photo where only once in a while you put a filler hexagon in. I love the visual impact of just flowers everywhere


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