Sunday 17 April 2016

Showcasing ~ Awesome Fabric Co-ordination

It's not always easy to achieve the right look when combining two or more fabrics. Pulling all the different elements together to create a great looking garment is a definite skill. There are so many things to consider - size, shape, colours, design, proportions. Some lucky sewists have the knack of co-ordinating fabrics with ease. Others, like me, have to work at it.

Amy, from Sews n Bows, paired two unlikely fabrics with a striking result. Large stripes with a bold floral - no way would I have thought to put those two fabrics together, but they work brilliantly.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post on co-ordinating fabrics, showing some of my successes and failures. Practise makes perfect, or so the saying goes. Ha, ha... I have a long way to go, but I find it is becoming easier.

There's another post on the topic that you may find interesting - combining fabrics for crazy patchwork, where I posed a couple of questions. The reader comments contain a wealth of information.

Amy added her gorgeous dress to the Dresses for Girls link party. There are a few new links you may like to check out...
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... Pam


  1. I find it very easy to combine fabrics and prints. I just ask my sewy friend up the street to do it for me - she has The Eye and I don't :D

    I can see in that first picture, why those two prints go well together - they have the same colours in them, and when I see someone else combine them, I think it's a perfect combo. However, if I were to pick those two up and think to myself ... yep these go together (because of the matching colours), I would second, third and fourth guess my choice, then I would ask my sewy friend to confirm for me!

  2. These are so cute! I have a really hard time matching. I will even think fabrics match and just when I'm about to sew them, I realize they don't.

  3. Those fabrics do look amazing together, and it's easy to see why from a colour perspective, it's just having the creative vision initially to see such different patterns together.


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