Tuesday 5 April 2016

Things to See and Do in Sydney...

Although we don't actually reside in Sydney, we're not too far away from Australia's largest and oldest city.. Living only 60km from the city, means we can easily travel in for day trips. Today I thought I'd show you some of the sites of Sydney - places we have visited in recent times that are either in, or near the CBD of Sydney. There's no shortage of attractions, places to visit and things do...

Sydney, the largest and oldest city in Australia. Lots of attractions, places to visit and things to do ~ Threading My Way

Stroll through Barangaroo...

Walk along the foreshore - The Star to the Opera House...

Hop on a ferry...

Eat out overlooking the harbour - Wolfies, at The Rocks, is one of our favourites...

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge... it's very high. If you look closely at the second photo, you can just see two groups of people.

Visit a Museum...

Admire the Botanical Gardens...

Learn about Sydney's history...

Queen Victoria Building

Mrs Macquarie's Chair
Royal Australian Historical Society

The Garrison Church, The Rocks

Research at the State Library... we're both tracing our family trees and the State Library is a treasure trove of information.

Step back in time at the Hyde Park Barracks...

Relax in Hyde Park...

Indulge in High Tea at the QVB...

See the Fireworks at Darling Harbour... we were there just last weekend, but forgot to take photos. Next time!

Even though we live so close to this beautiful city, I don't think we'll ever see everything, but we can try...

What's the largest city in your country? Do you live close enough to visit?

Thanks to my daughter, Little Ladybird, for taking a few of the photos.

... Pam


  1. This is fabulous! We will be there this time next month! Any predictions on what the weather will be like in early May?

    1. The BOM is the best site for weather forecasts, June, but to the best of my knowledge only shows one week ahead. The temperatures are in centigrade...
      Have a wonderful trip!!!

  2. Any nice fabric shops I should visit?

    1. The following link refers to fabric stores near the CBD of Sydney. I can't personally vouch for them, though. Spotlight is the equivalent of Joannes.

      Material Obsession is one I like, but it's a 15minute car trip from the Sydney CBD. I have no idea how you'd get there by public transport. They mainly stock quilting fabrics.

      Otherwise I shop a long way from Sydney's CBD. I really should check out the Sydney stores.

  3. Oh wow I couldn't even pick a favourite picture, although the Maritime Museum piqued my interest! My SIL and brother climbed the bridge - I think I would be a little bit too gravitationally challenged to do so :D I'm only half an hour away from Toronto - I rarely go there, except when I go to visit hubby's family. I lived there for over 5 years so did most of the touristy stuff when I was dating hubby - that was 30+ years ago, LOL! Usually when hubby and I go on road trips or go out for the day, we go either Stateside so I can fabric shop ... or we go to local fairs and festivals in our area - my guilty pleasure is tractor pulls and demolition derbies - plus fair food is DELICIOUS :D

  4. Reminder to self: take photos of my environs.
    Yours are awesome. I had planned on traveling to australia or New Zealand but after the last airplane trip to europe - nearly all day in three planes, I struck them off my bucket list. Keep the pics coming so I can live vicariously....

  5. Beautiful pictures, what a clean and inviting city. Love those park shots, and high tea looks wonderful, right down to the Royal Doulton Old Country Roses china. Lovely!

  6. That was a totally awesome post!! My husband and I enjoyed the tour! Australia is certainly a beautiful place so thank you for posting your trip!

    1. Thanks, Deborah. I enjoyed going through photos for the post.

  7. Thanks for sharing the info, Pam!! I will be on Sydney and Melbourne tour next month with my family. I was thinking of emailing you for information on yarn/fabric/needlework stores in these two cities.

  8. Thanks for the tour. Sounds like our kind of place to visit. I do have Australia on my wish list.

  9. I can vouch for the stunning views of that Harbour Bridge climb too Pam, even if the outfits must be the most unflattering in the world :)

    We live closer to Edinburgh than London so that is my destination of choice and it is not a bad place to have within striking distance!

  10. Sydney offers a lot of attractions and things to do that only those who live in the city or near the city can tell you. What I love is seeing many of the houses that lined up the inner streets of Sydney. Some are quirky and just have a lot of character, which says a lot of their owners. Met a few of them who are, at some point, clients in our storage facility.

  11. It looks such an interesting city, though the height of that bridge made me feel happy my feet are firmly on the ground! We're not particularly near any cities here. I suppose Exeter is our closest, we very rarely head that way, it's quite a small city but pretty. We do frequently visit the very smallest city in England - Wells,it qualifies as a city purely because it has a cathedral rather than for any other reason. And Harry's famly are all in or around London so we head up that way a few times a year at least - I think it's really good for the children to get a feel for such a different environment, but it always feels so good to be on our way home and start seeing the green fields and moors as we get closer!


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