Tuesday 19 April 2016

Quilting Retreat ~ Little Black Bag

This time last month, I was up at Blackheath, for a three day quilting retreat. Three days spent with people who get why you like taking little pieces of fabric and sewing them into a larger piece of fabric, which in turn becomes a mini quilt, wall hanging, bag, cushion or something similar.

Foundation Paper Pieced Tote Bag ~ Threading My Way

Once again, Anne Sommerlad Designs, ten out of ten for a fabulously well organised three days. Everything ran seamlessly. With 60 ladies and three tutors, this is no mean feat.

Each day was a different workshop...

I've worked on all three projects since coming home - one finished and two nearing completion. That's pretty good going for me.

The picture above shows the Foundation Paper Piecing in progress. I get confused at the beginning of a Foundation Paper Pieced project,  every single time...

Once I get started, however, I really do like the process...

... and the results.

Once the paper piecing was finished, the bag was a quick and easy make. It gave me the opportunity to try out a new to me foam stabiliser - Bosal In-R-Form, Laminated Napped Tricot, fusible foam stabiliser. With just the stabiliser, the bag stands up by itself!!! Consequently, I purchased a couple of yards, as I have no idea where to purchase it locally.

I'd previously heard a lot of bloggers say how wonderful Annie's Soft and Stable is, but I have never tried it myself. I think(???) the In-R-Form, is a similar product, but I'm not totally sure. If anyone has used both, I'd be very interested to hear how they compare.

One little black bag finished and I love it. My Foundation Paper Piecing doesn't line up perfectly, but hey, I'm guessing most of you wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell you.

Much as I like the finished products, I don't go to a quilting retreat just for the sewing. As I said in a post last year... It's not just the sewing, it's the whole package - fun, friendship, girls' weekend away and for me, stepping out of my comfort zone.

In that post I posed the question... is it worth attending a quilting retreat? Costly as it may be, the answer is still YES.

You can see photos from the retreat on the Anne Sommerlad Facebook page.

Have you ever been lucky enough to go to a quilting retreat?

... Pam


  1. I have never been to a retreat, but it looks like a good learning opportunity! The foam really makes your bag look nice, too!

  2. I like paper piecing more than I like sewing thousands of HST's together. So not a quilter.
    I like how your bag sides look. Is there a pattern?

  3. That bag is AWESOME, and your paper piecing is just fine, thank you very much :D

  4. What a cute bag! I love it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. You know it's an awesome bag cuz I'm jealous! As for retreats, I'd love to go on one someday. They are pricey, but I am sure well worth it.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time and came home with some awesome projects.

  7. I have been to a few quilting retreats that my quilt guild does every year in the fall. They also do a in-town all day retreat which we are having tomorrow. We can make the quilt that will be taught or bring out own UFO's to work on. I will be bringing my UFO's. It's fun just to sew with friends for the day. Your bag looks great Pam!

  8. I'm not a 'girly' type so I am totally swooning over this bag. I absolutely love your stunning black and white colour choice and the stitching is perfect, as always!! :)

  9. Your bag looks amazing, very professional and smart and I totally would not have noticed it not lining up! Your interfacing looks like it must be pretty nifty too.


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