Friday 6 January 2012

This and That...

I haven't done a lot of sewing this week. I've almost finished a couple of bags and will show you photos soon. Instead of sewing, I've done lots of thinking about future sewing projects. Yeah.... I've spent LOTS of time online!!! I have to admit, I spend way too much time online. Oh well....

Once again, I'm taking part in a challenge hosted by Rikka and Keren, from Ricochet and Away and Sew la Vie! My Retro Pillow and my Solids Only Tote were created when I joined in the first two challenges hosted by Rikka and Keren. I wouldn't miss the third challenge...

This time the challenge is to make a clutch bag (or a small handbag), using lots and lots of notions... buttons, beads, snaps, ribbon, cord, eyelets, hooks and eyes, zippers, lace trim.

For the pattern, I'm tossing up between the Gathered Clutch pattern from Noodlehead or the Perfect Zip Bags pattern by Oh Fransson. I've made one zippered (but not perfect) pouch and really liked that pattern. I haven't made the other pattern yet. I'm not sure how I'll incorporate notions, but I'll most probably do hand stitching somewhere on the clutch. I'm really liking how a little hand stitching can dramatically change the finished look of a project. There's plenty of time if you'd like to join in.

This year, I'm going to make my first quilt and I'm really looking forward to it. My first thought was to make an I Spy quilt, but I thought I'd better start with something a little smaller. So then my plan changed to  coasters or mug rugs. I would still like to make some of these, but I'm going to jump right in and make a quilt by joining a Quilt Along. I thought a QAL would give me some much needed direction and would keep me on track.


So I'm joining in with the QAL at Sew Happy Geek. The QAL has only just begun and already I'm behind... eeekkkk!!!! I should be up to my first block this week, but I can't decide on fabric. I'm new to the world of charm packs and layer cakes. I buy my fabric by the yard or multiples thereof. I'm not used to buying little pieces of fabric. Perhaps you can help me... Can I do this QAL by using fabric I already have, or is it best to buy a charm pack or a layer cake? What are the pros and cons of buying charm packs and layer cakes as opposed to fabric by the yard?

This month I'm also joining in with Kristy, over at Hopeful Threads, making bloomers for children in orphanages or foster care in China. I'm deciding between modifying the 30 Minute Shorts pattern that I've used a few times or trying out a new pattern, the Ruffled Diaper Cover. What do you think? I'm making bloomers for 2 year olds. Will they still be wearing diapers (or nappies as they're called in Australia)?

sew with heart 3 by Hopeful Threads, on Flickr

Head on over to Hopeful Threads to see the wonderful projects that Kristy involves herself in.

Have you visited Threading Your Way with Threading My Way? After only five days, our first ongoing linky, which is exclusively for bags and totes, has 45 fabulous projects linked up. This is a link party with a difference. Each week, we will begin a new linky with a different theme. Over time, each linky will build into a resource of sewing ideas, tutorials, pattern reviews and pictures.

If you have made a bag or a tote, I'd love for you to share it. Don't be shy. We would love to see your projects. So would the people on Pinterest who have already pinned the Bags and Totes linky. If you haven't made your first bag yet, head on over for ideas and inspiration.

This Sunday will see the start of our second ongoing linky: Dresses for Girls. The Sunday after that, will be  Dresses for Women.

Head on over to Making Rebecca Lynne and Thursday Think Tank, to see more plans afoot in blogland...

Thursday Think Tank


  1. Pam, I don't see why you can't just use fabric in your stash as long as the fabrics you choose are equivalent weights. I've been doing a little bit of patchwork and I'm using my huge bag of off-cuts. I've never bought a jelly roll or charm pack before so can't comment on those.

  2. I am planning to try to make quilt tops this year too. So I am looking forward to reading the responses you get about choosing the fabrics from stashes or buying charm packs, jelly rolls.
    It sounds like you have a well planned year ahead of you. I have learned a lot from reading your blog..and when I need some motivation, I know that your blog is the place to go to. :)
    I am heading to the Threading your way link party now.


  3. Oooh a ruffled diaper cover. Yum! I cannot wait to see your quilting adventures...this is going to be such a fun year for reading your blog I know it!


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