Friday 29 July 2016

The Pressure to Blog on a Regular Basis

or  Why I Don't Show You Everything I Sew

I know I'm not alone when I say that I feel a certain amount of pressure associated with blogging. Sew something - take photos - edit photos - write blog post -->> repeat. The pressure to blog on a regular basis is all self imposed, though (for me, anyway). No one is twisting my arm, it's not a job. So why do I feel pressure?

There's a lot of advice floating around on how to make your blog stand out and be one of the best - regular posting, outstanding photos, great content, etc, etc, etc. And to strive for that would be a full time job with LONG hours.

I never intended to blog as a way of earning income. I'd just left the workforce after many years as a Primary School Teacher, and I viewed blogging as a way of redefining myself and learning new things. I can happily say that I have achieved my goals, learning SO much along the way.

I enjoy the actual blogging as much as the sewing, and I love the learning that's associated with continually trying to improve. If I'm going to do something, I like to do it well. However, blogging is not the only thing in my life.

Family is the most important thing in my life. Blogging goes straight out the window at the merest suggestion of time with any members of my family.

My sister took this photo when she visited last year. We went back to our old High School, after taking Mum out for her birthday. Ha, ha... it was a fun afternoon, just us and the cleaners. We probably shouldn't have been there, but we walked from one end to the other - remember when we... and the memories came flooding back.

Every now and then I'll show you a glimpse of my life outside blogging, but only when it suits me, and when I think you'll be interested.

Sometimes sewing projects just don't work out, for one reason or another. In an attempt to keep it real, I do try to post some of my failures, or not so good projects. Check out the creepy dolls I once made. 

Sometimes, however, I don't feel like investing the time in editing photos and then writing up a post. Case in point, the ironing board cover. Yep, it's not quite wide enough and the underlay doesn't fit properly. I am keeping it as my ironing board cover for the time being, though. It's much better than the previous cover!!!

Sometimes it's just a matter of time, as with the zippered pouch. I love the end result of this bag - can't beat a black, white and red combo. I took lots of OK photos, but the post just didn't happen. Knowing I'd already shown you several QAYG zippered pouches, as well as a tutorial detailing how I make QAYG fabric, made it seem less important.

Sewing repairs are not my favourite sewing projects, but I do try to oblige when the family ask me... hems, seam rips, buttons, badges, etc. If I don't take photos along the way, the process is sped up considerably, and I'm more likely to do the repair in a timely manner. Having said that, there's a few pieces of clothing needing alterations, that having been waiting a long time!!!

Changing a scarf into an infinity scarf, for my daughter, was a quick and easy sew. I thought about taking photos of the process, but it was the time factor again that stopped me. Occasionally it feels good not to turn every project into a blog post. Much as I enjoy blogging, sometimes I just want to sew, and not record the process.

I fully intended to do a post on the kids sewing their own pillowcases. They've progressed from sitting on my knee, as they did for making teddy clothes and sewing up their painted cushions. They now sit at their own table. Mind you, I'm right there!!! They're not independent yet and need lots of reminders.

I forgot to take photos of the finished pillowcases at the time and the post didn't seem worthwhile without them. I could still take the photos, but this was so long ago now, I've lost my enthusiasm for that post.

I also don't want to annoy family members by continually taking photos. It's just not that important to me. They're obviously not as enthusiastic about my blog as I am.

And the main reason I don't blog as often as I otherwise might - my garden. I love to blog and sew, but I am even more passionate about my garden. If I were blogging to make money, I'd have to give up some of my time in the garden. It's probably time to do another garden post, but first I'll have to take some new photos. In the meantime, here's some older posts of my garden.

Yes, the pressure to blog more regularly will always be there, but as it's self imposed, I can take that pressure off. And that's by blogging when I feel like it.

Do you ever feel pressure with blogging?

... Pam


  1. I couldn't agree more! As a new blogger I have read too many times about bloggin almost daily or if you aren't as good as that, at least 3-4 times a week or you will never be popular! Yes, I want to be popular and it would be nice to get my income about it but I can wait. The reason is same as you have; family. I just lost my job and got a chance to be with my kids more, not going to waste that time! I blog when it suits me and when I have the time and I really, really like it, both writing and sewing the actual things to blog about but there just isn't anything more important than my kids. :)

  2. I agree that family is SO much more important. Good for you not wanting to be tied to your blog the way some others are. I don't know how they have any time to spend with their children or husband, much less get anything else done. My opinion from experience as a reader, if a blogger posts a new post every single day with a new tutorial each day, sometimes it's just too much. Especially when there are other blogs I want to read, daily blogging can be too much at times for the reader. I guess maybe I'm old fashioned?

  3. Oh, yes, I definitely agree. For me, I like to blog once a week. More than that and I'd have no life. I don't stress if sometimes it blows out to once a fortnight. And if there's nothing worth writing about, I don't blog. Simple.

    1. No point writing if there's nothing worthwhile to talk about. Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts, Libby.

  4. The only time I feel pressure is when I have specific deadlines - like linky parties to post to, where I've left things until the last minute ;) The photography takes the longest - it's always a huge job. I don't post all my projects - many of them are just run-of-the-mill zippies I do to use up stash. I don't feel any need to post every day, or even every week, if I don't have anything special going on - I think most of the blogs I follow, are posting less as well. I think some of the traffic is going to other programs like Instagram and Facebook. I don't do any of those things, so I'm sticking to my blog and trying not to get stressed over anything :) If I had the choice, sewing would trump blogging, and pretty much anything trumps doing all that photography, lol! If the kids popped over I'd drop everything - even Spider Solitaire! ;)

    1. Oh, I forgot to say ... there's no money in this for me. I hate all the ads on the internet, and I'm not fond of "sponsored posts". I don't see many paid-for reviews where the poster doesn't like the item and says that in the post, so no thanks - not for me :D I'm not blogging to get numbers - I'm blogging to show my family and friends why I spend so much time in my basement dungeon, and that's good enough for me, lol!

  5. I love this, amen to everything! I've read all those posts that tell me I need to be consistent with at least 3 or 4 posts per week, I just can't manage that. Not and do family stuff, work, friends, study & some degree of housework maybe..... You were so kind and helpful with advice as I was starting out on my blog adventure so to hear you feel the same is so encouraging. Any time you want to share garden photos though, I for one will be very happy to see them :-)

  6. I don't feel much pressure anymore. I have so many posts not yet posted- either sitting in draft mode or waiting on pictures. They can wait. I am spending a lot of my crafting time teaching the girls right now. After some seam ripper practice, my 12yo is getting really good at sewing! I also spend a lot of time in the garden. My flowers had been neglected for awhile, but I am glad to get back outside and focus on them again. We did a lot of landscaping this year!

  7. Totally agree pam. Life first, blog second. If I blogged everything I'd have 2 to 3 posts a day! Who's got time for that? I can bake the best cake or a new take on a meal that I thought would be worth blogging about and my phone is flat so can't take photos or can't find the camera. There's so much I do with the kids, and have done over the years, that I'd rather be doing that with them than taking photos. You're probably like me in that we come from a generation when we didn't take photos at every minute of the day. I always forget and would rather see my children's faces and share the experience with them rather than getting a photo of that. In saying all this, I feel like I've got a job to do now in my blog and that is to teach people how to have a more frugal life. Its hard for me to expect people to pay for this info when I know they couldn't afford it but I'll keep blogging in the hope that someone or something comes along with the same belief as I have and are willing to pay me for it. Great post pam xx

  8. Really interesting post Pam, and one that seems to have struck a chord! I felt pressure in the early days of blogging to be posting nearly every other day, but then I realised that I don't actually like reading posts from.other bloggers that often so why would I try to do that myself? Now I post when I have something to show and even then it can take me several weeks to put together a travel post!
    I didn't start blogging to make any money from it and the more that I read of bloggers who do want to do that the happier I am with that decision.

  9. Dear Pam,
    I can make you understand-so good I'm feeling sometimes so that I make myself this pressure, but not only for blogging, but also in other things in my life. Family goes with me always before anything else ... and my blog is a nice change, my sewing diary but without pressure !.
    I would like to no longer put pressure - I enjoy blogging, but only if I made something again, or else me so far appear important enough to show it on my blog. I would not blog because others expect of me - it does not always succeed, but I try to make myself aware
    Dear Pam, you have such a great blog, with so many details, Link parties, tutorials ... a pure source of learning;-)

    best regards
    Klaudia from Germany;-)

    Liebe Pam,

    ich kann dich so gut verstehen- es geht mir auch manchmal so, das ich mir selbst diesen Druck machen, aber nicht nur zum Bloggen, sondern auch bei anderen Dingen, in meinem Leben. Familie geht bei mir immer vor allem anderen...und mein Blog ist eine schöne Abwechslung, mein Näh-Tagebuch- doch ohne Druck!.
    Ich möchte mich nicht mehr unter Druck setzen - ich blogge gerne, aber nur wenn ich wieder etwas genäht habe, oder anderes mir soweit wichtig genug erscheint, um es auf meinem Blog zu zeigen. Ich möchte nicht bloggen, weil andere es von mir erwarten - es gelingt mir nicht immer, aber ich versuche, es mir bewusst zu machen
    Liebe Pam, du hast einen so tollen Blog, mit so vielen Infos, Linkpartys, Tutorials...eine reine Lernquelle;-)

    Liebe Grüße

  10. Agreed, agreed, agreed! But will keep blogging in hopes of someday making money...

  11. I used to feel pressured to blog at least once a week. The work and TIME required to get the photos taken, edited, and onto the blog are the big reasons I have cut way back. I have too many other things going on that need my time and attention.

    While I love crafty posts, I must say that I really enjoy reading about bloggers lives, too--gardening, travels, family. Your posts about your childhood with all those great photos are among my favorites. In some respects they have been a blast from the past and, in others, it was so interesting to see the differences between the U. S. and Australia.

    Thanks for all the work you do here with the link parties, personal crafty/sewing adventures, and letting us know what's going on in your life.

  12. You sound like me Pam. I don't blog for money or have sponsors either. I don't blog every day. I too read to attract more followers you should blog every day or at least 3-4 times a week. It seems like when I blog more I would lose followers, instead of gain more, lol! But I blog as a record of what I do and because I do enjoy blogging and learning and making friends around the world and to be inspired by others and to inspire others too. Plus I blog when I have the time or something to share. I don't always post everything either. I still have things I haven't posted about that I made a few months ago. More and more people are leaving blogging to faster Instagram and Facebook where you don't have to write or post as many photos.

  13. I also don't blog for money and I can understand the pressure you are talking about. I have previously written few tutorials and I guess if no tutorials are needed then the photoshoot task is not that challenging. I try to blog once a week but many times I do once in 15 days or month depending on how busy I am or the stuff at my hand to blog about. But still I feel blogging helps me connect with like minded crafters. Rest everything is again a 'give n take' phenomenon as on other social networking sites. And that's fine; if I want someone to spare time and see my work I should have time for their work too.

  14. The day that I start to feel pressure about doing this is the day that I need to stop. I don't blog to be uber popular or to satisfy the needs and wants of "potential" readers. I started with a goal in mind and the idea that once I achieved that goal, it (the blogging) would be over and I still think that. Or, if blogging starts to feel like an obligation, it would be time to call it quits. Having already paid my dues in the work world, I refuse to let any hobby stress me out! Thanks for a great read and a realistic take on the whole process, Pam.

  15. I totally understand - it is a balance! That's why I love instagram - I can share projects randomly with one easy shot instead of editing, etc. I think your ironing board cover looks great :)

  16. I understand! It is why I don't do all the other social media or blog everyday as a rule. Sometimes I blog daily, but only when I really have something to say - like my 12 days of Christmas event. But for blogs I follow, I don't need to see them every day to appreciate them. I had to stop following one famous quilter because she treats her blog like a twitter account and I don't need to know that she is getting onto a plane. I don't want to spend all my free time dealing with multiple social media, so I don't do Instagram or Facebook, I just blog. I'd love to have more followers, but I don't confuse followers with readers. Not every follower actually reads every post, and I keep that in mind. I talk about a variety of things, and blog about whatever is in my mind at that time. Great post!

  17. Pam, from all the interesting comments, you've hit the mark about why a lot of us blog and when and how often. You're a delight to follow. Family time is so important. I still have all my children living far away (two live closer to you than me). When I can, I'm spending time with their families & my extended family. Health reason also prevent some of us from blogging as I learned when I broke my arm in January. Hugs to a great lady who has the right perspective in life.

  18. You have written what most of us bloggers feel. The pressure of blogging comes when your blog is popular and earning money. You are expected to post every week to keep visitors visiting your blog. If you are blogging only for fun, meeting like minded people then there should not be any obligation on posting.. cheers, and happy blogging



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