Sunday, 10 July 2016

Showcasing ~ Makeup Organiser Tutorial

How do you keep your makeup organised for daily use at home, but also stored such that it can be easily grabbed and packed for travel? Today's makeup organiser shows how to do both.

Libby, from Libby's Lifestyle, shows how to sew her Makeup Organiser. It rolls up neatly to store in the bathroom vanity, or to pack in a toiletry bag. Undo the ribbon and the organiser folds flat for easy access to all the contents.

Libby added her bag to the Drawstring Bags link party. You might like to check out the following projects at the Drawstring Bags linky...
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... Pam


  1. The only thing cuter than a pretty make-up organizer ... is a WATERMELON make-up organizer - that is ADORABLE! And now I want watermelon, lol!

  2. It is a wonderful make-up organizer.Thanks for the tutorial!
    Greetings from Germany, Klaudia

  3. I have to admit to having two of everything in my make-up bag, one for home one for travel! Needless to say the travel one is a less than pretty clear plastic bag, to make sure I don't fall foul of a zealous airport official :)

  4. What great water melon fabric! I'm afraid I wear make up so rarely I would have no need for this one, but it does look very clever.


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