Tuesday 5 July 2016

20+ Projects to Make from Pre-loved Shirts

After repurposing a bunch of shirts into a shirt quilt, and a cushion that uses a button placket, I still have a tonne of old shirting left over, so I'm on the lookout for more ideas. I had a browse through the 39 ongoing, themed sewing link parties, here at Threading My Way and found lots of inspiration.

20+ free projects to sew from men's old shirts and women's blouses. Repurpose, refashion and upcycle pre-loved shirts. Threading My Way

Children's Clothes...

Refashioned Shirt Dress by Annie, from Peaches and Bees

From Shirt to Skirt by Pam, from Threading My Way

Toddler Dress by Vicky, from Vicky Myers Creations

Shirt Dress by Pam, from Threading My Way


Cowboy Shirt Quilt by Joy, from Joy's Jots, Shots & Whatnots

Shirt Quilt by Pam, from Threading My Way

Cushions & Pillows...

How to Make a Pillow Out of a Shirt by Jann, from Newton Custom Interiors

Make a Cushion from a Shirt by Karen, from Made With My Two Hands

Shirt & Suspender Memory Pillow Covers by Lindsay, from PA Country Crafts

Men's Shirt Pillows by Linda, from My Great Finds

How to Repurpose Shirts into a Cushion by Pam, from Threading My Way

Bags & Baskets...

Men's Shirt to Handbag by Jill, from Creating My Way to Success

Travel Laundry Bags by Pam, from Threading My Way

Tie & Shirt Zippered Pouch by Ana, from The Lost Apron

Denim Fabric Basket Lining by Pam, from Threading My Way

Travel Storage Bags by Pam, from Threading My Way

Shirt Sleeve Drawstring Bag by Pam, from Threading My Way

Women's Blouses...

Men's Shirt to Women's Blouse by Nay, from The Wardrobe Surgeon

Shirt Refashion by Henriette, from Eddie's Room


Peg Bag by Pam, from Threading My Way


Black & White Apron  by Kathy, from Katalina Jewelry

Shirt Apron by Pam, from Threading My Way

Shirt Apron by Karen, from Made With My Two Hands


Curtains from Recycled Shirts by Henriette, from Eddie's Room

Women's Dresses...

Men's Shirt to Dress Refashion by Susan, from Second Chances by Susan

Spring Shirt Dress by Nay, from The Wardrobe Surgeon

Men's Shirts to Dress Refashion by Susan, from Second Chances by Susan 

Deconstructing a Shirt...

Deboning & Stripping a Shirt by Joy, from Joy's Jots, Shots & Whatnots

Deconstructing a Man's Cotton Dress Shirt by Jacqueline from Quilt, Sew Happy

If that's not enough inspiration for you, check out the following Pinterest boards that are devoted to Shirts Refashioning, Upcycling & Repurposing...

I've started collecting ideas on my own Pinterest board, too...

Later on in the week, I'll start a new ongoing themed link party for pre-loved shirts, so you can add your own Shirts Refashioning, Upcycling & Repurposing projects.

Do leave a comment and tell us about ways you have reused old shirts.

Add your projects to our new Reusing Shirts & Ties link party.

... Pam

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  1. Hello Pam. Thanks for including my Men's Zippered Pouch above. I also have a Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/thelostapron/mens-shirt-restyling/

  2. This is great! Thanks so much!
    I have a girls dress made from a men's shirt that I haven't blogged about yet. I need to take some pictures!

  3. Thank you for including my little girl's dress, Pam! IT must have taken you good amount of time going through your parties! This is a great new theme!

  4. I do love your pillow Pam, the design of shirts makes such a difference! Thanks for including my toddler dress

  5. Thanks for including my Pinterest board, Pam! And my recent men shirts refashioning projects;)

    Shirts are great material to reuse, yet quite challenging sometimes because of the pattern, checks, strips or else we need to consider.

    I love your blog, how you organised the information, the layout, your great tutorials, the ideas, but mostly - your big heart that includes everyone who makes efforts to share:)

    It's great to find your online presence. Thank you!


    1. Thanks so much, Mariana. I've found the online sewing community to be warm and welcoming.

  6. Lots of lovely projects gathered together, thank you. The toddler dress is lovely and the curtains are just stunning, I love those in particular.


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