Sunday 20 March 2016

Showcasing ~ Gathered Round Fabric Basket Tutorial

There's no end to the number of items that can be neatly stored in fabric baskets. Measuring just 4½" in diameter x 1¾" high, these pretty baskets are perfect for holding small sewing bits and pieces. That's what I put in mine and it sits right next to my sewing machine.

Lisa, from A Spoonful of Sugar, shows how to make a gathered, round fabric basket which is fully reversible. The tutorial is for a small basket, but you could easily alter the dimensions to make one in any size. Or follow the directions to make a set of three nesting baskets.

Learn how to make a gathered, round fabric basket ~ Threading My Way

I can vouch for the fact that this really is a quick and easy project. The brown basket is mine. I cheated a bit and machine stitched the binding to the inside of the basket. Hand stitching would have been neater, but I went for speed.

Lisa added her basket to the Fabric Baskets link party. There's a few links you may like to check out...
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... Pam


  1. Your little basket is very cute :) I wondered if this was as easy as it looked - I'm glad it is, and I shall put it on my To Do list :D

  2. Those baskets are very pretty and the tutorial does look pretty straight forward. Your basket looks great!

  3. They do look very pretty and practical too.


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