Tuesday 1 March 2016

Big Books Library Bag Tutorial

I've had quite a lot of readers asking how they can stay up to date with the latest projects added to our Threading Your Way with Threading My Way link parties. Most have asked if there is a way to be automatically notified each time a new project is added to one of the 38 parties. Unfortunately, there's no way I am aware of. 

Feature posts showcase some of the wonderful projects, but I can't possibly feature them all. There's just too many. And so I thought I'd start a new series showcasing individual projects. Here's the first one...

Ros, from Sew Delicious, shows how to make an adult's Library book bag, with a fun slogan printed on the front of the bag. The tutorial gives detailed instructions on designing the text and printing it onto fabric. If you don't want to design your own text, there is a free printable to download, using the text on Ros' bag.

Big Books Library Bag ~ Tutorial by Ros, from Sew Delicious

Bags & Totes link party - At present there are 588 projects - lots of ideas and inspiration.

Would you like to have your sewing projects, tutorials and tips showcased at Threading My Way? Add them to the Threading Your Way with Threading My Way link parties. I regularly go back through each link party, looking for both new and old links to share with Threading My Way readers.

... Pam


  1. I like how you are doing things now with your features posts, and don't want to put any more work on your plate. You do a lot keeping these continual link parties going for everyone to join in and browse through.

    As far as keeping up with the link parties goes, I come over every so often for the express purpose of going through the link parties to see what's new which works great for me. It's sort of like going to Pinterest but without the ads and strangely off-topic stuff.

    I also really enjoy your posts about what's going on in your life from sewing to house-related projects to travels. As a blogger, I know that each of these posts takes a lot of time and energy. I don't want you to do anything that will cause the blogging to become too much of a chore. I've blog fatigue a number of times myself without doing all these great link parties for others to enjoy or nearly the number of tutorial you do! I suspect that people who don't have blogs have no idea of the time and effort required for the writing and photography in each post. If they did, they wouldn't be suggesting that you to do more.

  2. Yes I wish there was a way to be notified of updates to linky parties - with people adding things on a regular basis, it's hard to keep up, and easy to lose track. Every once in a while I search on Google to see if anyone has come up with anything, but I haven't found anything either! They need to Pinterest-ize their parties, where readers/followers can get updates easily :D

  3. Great bag! And sounds like a good new idea.


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