Saturday 19 March 2016

Showcasing ~ Pants to Skirt Refashion

Take a pair of pants and turn them into a skirt. This tutorial shows how to keep the centre seam of the jeans straight, with no bends or folds to the side - a neat little trick that results in a lovely finish.

Barbara, from At Home by the Baye, shows how she refashioned her pants into a skirt with triangular inserts front and back. Look at the centre seam where it joins the triangle. That's the bit where most tutorials will have you bend the centre seam and sew it down. I like the straight seam finish.

Barbara added her refashion, to the Women's Skirts link party. There's a few new links you may like to check out...
  • How to Sew a Circle Skirt: Free Pattern
  • Straight Skirt to Comfortable Skirt
  • Easy Women's Skirt Tutorial
  • Butterick Skirt 5566

... Pam


  1. I like the straight seam finish as well - she did a great job on that skirt!

  2. Isn't that smart! One of these days I might work up the nerve to attempt this :)

  3. I'm going down through the Bloglovin' posts and suddenly think that someone made a skirt like mine! LOL! I've been wearing the two skirts I "remade" recently all the time. So glad I finally got around to doing this. Also really happy to find out that it's freakin' easy. Off to check out the other skirt links now that I've been reminded of how comfortable they are. I need more for summer.

  4. That does look incredibly professional, I need to go and have a read...


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