Wednesday 23 July 2014

Flannelette Pillowcases...

What do you need to go with mismatched pyjamas? Mismatched pillowcases, of course!!! I'd love to show you pictures of a beautifully co-ordinated bedroom set, but not in this blog post. Today I'm showing how I was able to use up the left over pieces of fabric from my flannelette pyjama pants.

The cuffs and backs of each pillowcase were the left overs from my mismatched pyjamas and the blue checked fabric, from my daughter's pyjamas - the ones I didn't take a photo of. Normally, the pillows with the flannelette cases would be at the back, so the pillowcases matching the doona cover would be at the front, but then you wouldn't see my new pillowcases.

Maybe it's just us, but our pillowcases tend to wear out before our sheet sets, so we have quite a few sets that don't co-ordinate perfectly - saves us money and the left over flannelette is oh, so much softer than store bought flannelette pillowcases and sheets. And it's only us that sees the clash of purples with the maroon sheets currently on the bed.

It's really easy to sew a pillowcase. If you'd like to make your own, here's a link to 18 pillowcase tutorials. As I often make pillowcases, I have pattern pieces cut out with measurements from the pillowcase tutorial by Flower Press. I find using pattern pieces easier than measuring and squaring fabric each time.

If you are new to sewing, a pillowcase is a good beginning project. They're great stash busters, too. I've almost halved the flannelette in my stash!!!

... Pam


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with mismatched linens. My pillow cases wear out first, too. I've made plenty of new ones but not from flannel. Great idea for when the weather cools down in a few months.

    I'm not sure what flannelette is. Is it different than flannel or just another one of those slightly different words Americans have developed over the years?

    1. Over here in Australia, we have both flannelette and flannel. I used to have woollen flannel for nappy covers. They were thicker and more absorbent than flannelette. I'm guessing that our flannelette is the same as U.S. flannel, from what I've seen in online stores, but I'm not 100% certain.

      Here's a couple of links that might shed some light…

  2. I have mismatched linens too and I've always wondered why we need to coordinate the whole set. As long as it's comfortable and clean, that'll do me fine!

  3. I have ONLY mismatched linens, duvet covers, pillow cases etc ! More fun, you know ... :o) Never buy whole sets.

    1. As long as they do the job. That's all that matters...


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