Wednesday 30 July 2014

Additions to the Stash...

It's always a good thing when you can combine a little fabric shopping with a day out. Well, good for me, anyway. Mr TMW wasn't quite so enthusiastic when we called in to the Blackheath Habberdashery & Fabric Store. Actually, he didn't complain at all and even went so far as to encourage me to have a look inside.

I walked out with the two fabrics above for a total cost of $3.50... bargain!!! The patchwork corduroy is an odd shaped piece, about half a metre. I've been looking for ages for some fabric to make a bag that will go with a brown leather jacket, but with no luck. This beautiful corduroy, teamed with the solid brown, will be perfect. There's about two and a half metres of the thickish brown cotton fabric.

It was a freezing cold and windy day. (Well, cold for us!) Being up in the mountains, Blackheath is always colder than the Hawkesbury or Sydney, so I was sensible and dressed warmly. Even though I thought I was rugged up, I was still cold.

I took Mr TMW up there, as I knew he'd love the Victory Theatre - two floors, with 50 dealers selling antiques and old items. He was not disappointed! 

As we were already there, I just had to call into Ravir Boutique, too. I may, or may not have bought one of their beautiful woollen cardigans. 

Just down the road is Govetts Leap. When it's a little warmer we'll go back and enjoy some bushwalking, but that day, we only jumped out of the car long enough to take a few photos.

About a week later, we travelled to the beautiful township of Berrima, in the Southern Highlands of NSW. On the way we stopped at a couple of antique shops in Mittagong. In amongst lots of expensive clothes, was this leather jacket for only $20. 

Of course I checked the label to make sure it was really leather. I was intrigued as to why this jacket and two others would be only $20, while the rest of the leather jackets were $350+ (all pre-loved). According to the owner, they had too much stock and were trying to get rid of a few, hence the sale. 

I checked, double checked and triple checked the jacket for faults or signs of wear and could find none. The design and style are not me, and perhaps that was why it was so cheap. It's a beautiful, soft leather, though and I can see lots of potential. Look at how much fabric there is just in the back. There's more than enough to make a good sized bag.

We did eventually make it to Berrima and of course I had to check out Berrima Patchwork. I'd heard it carried a good range of fabrics and it most certainly did. I totally restrained myself, however and didn't buy anything, except a few bobbins and that doesn't really count, does it? 

Perhaps my restraint had something to do with more woollen garment purchases a few minutes earlier. Hmmm... I can see a bit of a trend -
Day trip = acquisition of clothing + fabric. I hope Mr TMW doesn't see it that way!

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... Pam


  1. Oh, my! What lovely things you found! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. How fun!! I just love it when trips take you past fabric stores. That coat would make a great bag. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. Govett's Leap is gorgeous! The first think I thought when I saw that patchwork was bag also!

  4. Thank you for this post. After making a dress from my old corderoi skirts i still have many pieces, i might try some odd shapes patches ,,,,
    I like your jacket , and the lovely views ...

  5. Love the patchwork corduroy Pam, it will make a great bag! Look forward to seeing what you do with the leather jacket too.

  6. I can totally see the patchwork corduroy as a bag. Looks like you got some bargains on your day trip!

  7. Sounds like you had a great date day! I love that patchwork fabric. So you are going to cut up the leather jacket to make a bag? What a refashion!


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