Friday 10 January 2014

Another No Frills Extra Large Tote...

No Frills Extra Large Tote ~ Threading My Way

I've made another No Frills Extra Large Tote. The first was originally made to carry a pillow and has been used a lot. On Christmas Day, I found it a great size and shape to easily carry and pack presents for the car. 

Some of my readers suggested the following uses for this large tote:
  • carrying towels to the beach or waterpark
  • packing a pillow, pyjamas and a favourite toy as a sleepover bag
  • throwing in items to take to Grandmas as a holiday bag for kids
  • taking dog stuff on holidays
  • carrying a large quilt to classes

Thanks, Wholeport. for giving me the supplies used in this project.

I was going to time myself making the second bag, but somehow or another, I always end up interrupting my sewing and then forget to look at my watch. This time I stopped to hang up a load of washing. Even though it's a very large bag, it is a quick and easy make.

Behind the murraya bushes, about 2 metres from where I'm standing, is the bower belong to our resident Satin Bower Bird. His bower is decorated with blue pegs, straws and bottle tops. He's used to us and comes quite close when we're outside gardening or strolling around. On the day these photos were taken, he was elsewhere and not in his bower.

If you make a bag using the No Frills Extra Large Tote tutorial, I'd love to see pics.

... Pam


  1. Large sturdy bags are invaluable for so many things. I took my buns to stay at my parents last weekend whilst we finished the hutches and I ended up lugging about 4 shopping bags and a bale of hay! (bunnies require more stuff than babies!!).. another one for my wish list!

  2. Wow! Always amazed at how big those bags are! I am beginning to realize this would be perfect, as you said, for when the kids go to Grandma's house. They have to bring animals, books, special toys, etc... It's just crazy how much stuff they want to bring along! :)

    1. Kids always want to take so much stuff and then half the time they don't look at it. You'll need an adult to carry the bags for them... LOL!!!

  3. That's a bag and a half Pam, you could fit your life in there :)

  4. Brilliant bag.
    Now, as for the Bower Bird. Do you leave the blue bits around for him to find (like Easter Egg hunting every week), and more to the point, do you think your shopping habits are affected so that you buy brands with blue lids etc rather than, say, red ones? hmm? ;-)

  5. That's a whopper of a bag Pam! Love the fabric. Great getaway bag.

  6. Amy you can buy very strong straps in places were they sell upholstery materials. I have not seen colors ones but you could adorn them ,,,

  7. WOW!!! This is a "BAG" Love it!
    Very good ideas for how to use it, for me the best idea is the original one, to carry a pillow !!!!!!!

  8. This is fabulous Pam! This is exactly what this Mama of a 1/2 dozen needs when we go to the name it, great bag!

  9. We house hop lots of holidays a giant bag would be handy for a number of things!

  10. 'Love the bag, but I'm completely fascinated with the Satin Bower Bird! I had never heard of one and am now researching it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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