Wednesday 29 January 2014

Art Smock...

Last year I showed you how I used a free peasant dress pattern to make art smocks. Little did I know, I already had a pattern specifically designed for art smocks. Hmmm... Perhaps I have too many patterns if I can't remember those I have. In my defence, this pattern is in one of my sewing books. For some reason, I love buying sewing books and looking through them, but I rarely think to look at them when making a project.

I discovered the art smock pattern inside Oliver + S Little Things to Sew. This is the first Oliver + S pattern I've sewn with and I'm sure it won't be my last. I was impressed with the construction techniques used. Liesl Gibson knows her stuff!!!

The art smock closes with a piece of velcro at the neckline and is open down the back, making it very easy to put on and take off. The sizing is spot on and allows plenty of room to be worn over bulky clothes.

The bias used to neaten the neckline gives a very tidy finish. I find bias much easier than turning a hem on a curve; even more so when making a casing for elastic. The finish is also more even. 

The pattern gives detailed instructions for French seams. As this is something that will soon be covered with paint on the outside, I didn't worry too much about the inside and just sewed plain seams, neatened with an overlocker (serger).

I also substituted elastic at the wrists with shirring, simply because I find it less fiddly... just a personal preference.

The floral fabric, Happy Flowers by Donna Dewberry for Free Spirit, was chosen by Little Miss, specifically for her art smock. The polka dot from my stash co-ordinates beautifully. Ha ha... it's almost too pretty to be splattered with paint.

When I first glanced at Little Things to Sew, I thought it was mainly for babies and toddlers. I was wrong, as the art smock fits children up to 10 years of age. All up, there are 20 projects in the book, ranging from complex (travel quilt) to very easy (bear puppet bath mitt). I think I'll have a go at the reversible bucket hat next.

Do you, like me, have good sewing books on your shelves gathering dust?

... Pam


  1. Every kid needs one of those...and I still have not made one for my daughter! You are right, this one is too pretty to be covered with paint. When I make one I will have to find the ugliest fabric I have, so I will not have to feel bad when it gets dirty! :D

  2. I have that book - I love it :) I've made almost a dozen of the bucket hats - it's my Go To pattern for them :) The smock is adorable!

  3. This is one of the only books that I sew from! Your smock turned out great, I'm glad the sizing goes up higher since my kids will probably be 7 before I can convince them to WEAR a smock :) -Rachel

  4. I do the same thing with sewing books. I love to look through them but rarely think of them when it's time to pick a pattern. Though, I have used Little Things to Sew several times. There's a sew-along for the book hosted by Shelley at Bartacks and Singletrack:

    Funny thing...I pulled LTTS out just this morning to make the scarf.;) The art smock looks great, Pam!

  5. If my kids were little, I'd be making this one up today! I'm really bad about forgetting what patterns I have. I was looking through them yesterday and found 2 duplicates--ugh! I buy them online when they go on sale, so in my excitement (I guess) I buy them again. Maybe I need a catalog for myself?? LOL

  6. I love looking through sewing books too, but if a pattern needs to be enlarged that guarantees I won't use it. I love and use Lisa Lam' s bag making books because they have full size patterns included.

    That art smock is much too pretty to cover in paint Pam :)

  7. This is very pretty Pam. Very comfortable too ! Thanks for linking up your experience at The Sew Book Inspired Series. :)

  8. Such a sweet art smock! I don't have a lot of sewing books. I tend to get all my patterns online.


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