Wednesday 15 January 2014

Girls Day Out Fabric Shopping...

A day spent fabric shopping... what could be better? A day with three generations of fabric-a-holics fabric shopping. Well... two fabric-a-holics and one in training. Yesterday we headed off to HobbySew, Ryde and then a new to me quilting shop, Material Obsession, at Drummoyne (Sydney, Australia)

At HobbySew I stocked up on thread and just bought 4 fat quarters, saving my $$$ for what I'd heard would be a shop full of fabrics I would drool over. I was not disappointed!!! Here are my finds from Material Obsession.

From left to right, fabrics perfect for a pirate loving little boy. These may become pillowcases, or maybe a library bag. I'm not really sure, but they were 25% off and I couldn't resist. (The sale has now finished and no, I'm not being sponsored.)
  • Blaggard's Bones - De Leon Design Group - Alexander Henry
  • Robotek - Mint Bossom - Nortcott
  • Salty Sea - De Leon Design Group - Alexander Henry
  • Captain Redbeard - De Leon Design Group - Alexander Henry

Now that I've become interested in quilting, I realise I don't have enough small prints in my stash. I realise the zig zag fabric is not a small print, but it was part of the bundle and I do like the bright colours.
  • V&A Garthwaite ©Victora and Albert Museum, London (the rest of the selvedge is cut off)
  • La Petite Ecole - French General - Moda
  • Juggling Summer -Moda
  • Wrens & Friends - Gina Martin - Moda

  • Collections for a Cause - Warmth by H... (that's all I have, but probably Howard Marcus - Moda)
  • Collections for a Cause - Comfort by Howard Marcus - (Moda?)
  • ???? - Urban Chiks - Moda
  • Paint Box - Laundry Basket Quilts - Moda

This little bundle was hiding under a table at the back of a basket. Can you read the label? 4.25 metres for $40!!! Now I know pink is not everyone's choice, but if you have little girls, you'll know they almost all go through a pink stage. So a fabulous find!!!
  • Penny Lane - Deena Rutter for My Mind's Eye - Riley Blake

When I made my Triple Zip Pouch for a swap, I saw a lot of others incorporating pieces of tape measure fabric and I loved the effect. I have no idea what I'll use it for, but it should make several patchwork projects I can give to people who sew.
  • PotLuck - American Jane Patterns - Sandy Klop - Moda

The black on cream text fabric doesn't appeal by itself, but again, I've seen lots of text fabric used in patchwork and I like the effect, so I'm building up my stash of text fabrics.
  • Chamberry - Carolee McMullin - Adorn

And I've left the best till last. Why on earth would I buy fabric covered with old recipes when I don't cook? Who knows, but it really appeals to me. Maybe I'll take part in another Crafty Cooks Apron Swap, or maybe I'll make something for a family member who cooks.
  • PKM Recipe for Success - Holly Holderman - Lake House Dry Goods

I also bought a few solids, but I think you've seen enough photos. Quite a successful shopping trip I'd say and that's just my fabric purchases.

After all that shopping, we definitely needed some sustenance, so headed off to the Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant, just down the road at Gladesville. Australian bush poet, journalist and author, Banjo Paterson lived with his grandmother in this house, Rockend Cottage, during the 1870s.

Compared to buildings in many parts of the world, Rockend Cottage, built in the 1830s, is not old, but in terms of Australian architecture, it's an old building. I love the big, sandstone blocks, both how they look and the fact that they help maintain a constant temperature inside. The view's not bad, either.

A perfect day... family, fabric and food!!!

... Pam


  1. Sounds like a FANTASTIC day! You picked up some really fun fabrics!

  2. you did great, picked up some good fabrics there! When we were on our honeymoon, the guide had taken us to a house in Ho Chi Minh city which was famous for being so old. he was talking all reverentially about HOW OLD this building was and he was clearly in awe. I asked him what year it was built. It was built the same year as my house - 1884 and my house is not particularly old!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun and great haul! I just got some of that pkm fabric, it's adorable!

  4. What a great day and I loved those fabrics!

  5. Love that cottage! What a gorgeous view! I miss Australia!

  6. So many pretty things! Love the pirate fabric, the rulers, and your mint pants!

  7. Gorgeous finds! Love the pirates! :)

  8. What a successful shopping day!! I don't have any text fabrics in my stash.... I might have to go shopping today! LOL

  9. I see you had a lovely, fun day! You got some unique fabrics there...the last one would make a great apron!

  10. Cute finds! I'm on my fabric fast, so I'll live vicariously through you. :)

  11. Sounds like a really wonderful day!! You got some gorgeous fabric - I think my favourite is the tape measures :)

  12. What a fun day, and some great buys!

  13. Your day sounded and looked like so much fun! What beautiful weather you are having!

  14. Looks like you found some real treasures! How did the fabric-a-holic in training do?

  15. It sounds like you had a great day - love those pirate prints! I have a collection downstairs of co-ordinating prints from an older line (Debbie Mumm, I think) - I've long been meaning to do a pirate themed gift for one of the greats - quilt, and other piratey goodies (hence my pirate board on Pinterest, lol) :) Love the recipe fabric too - it would make a great quilted cover for a blank notebook for someone to keep track of their favourite recipes in :)

  16. What a great day Pam, bargains, brilliant views and best friends you can't get better than that!

  17. Wow well done! Love that measuring tape fabric, I've also seen it used in really clever ways so keep my eye out for anything like it.

  18. Your pirates are too cute! And thanks for including some sunny Down Under's cold and grey in my part of the US!

  19. Oh you did go fabric crazy! Excellent, I love it! I haven't been to those fabric shops yet, and my friend Sarah has been dying to get me out there. I must take her up on her offer and venture over the bridge, haha! Thanks for linking up to Sunday Stash!


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