Sunday 6 October 2013

Scary Sewing Stories...

Have you seen the Scary Sewing Stories over at Simple Simon and Co? If you'd like a laugh, have a read of this weekend's stories. They won't all make you laugh, however. Some are cringe worthy. 

One of the stories may, or may not, be mine...

... Pam


  1. Not that I can attribute one of the stories to you, Pam, but ... a random fact you may not know about me ... I needed darts at about age 11. Isn't that funny? :)

    And I sew with pins in my mouth all the time - the only time I *don't* do it is when I'm at a friend's house - I don't want to muck up her pins, lol!

  2. Hello Blogging Friend...Isn't it nice to have cooler weather now that 'Fall' is here.   The changing season isn't the only thing happening in Blogland.  Here on CollectInTexas Gal, I've done a bit of a 'MakeOver' and added a BlogShop.   I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you over for a 'LookSee'.  Just click on the signature link below...hope to see you there.
    Sue CollectInTexas BlogShop

  3. Thanks for the tip! Heading over!

  4. Aren't teachers cruel sometimes Pam, bet your outfit was lovely although I have no idea what a muumuu actually is!

  5. A friend of my mother sewed through her thumb with the sewing machine.
    I sewed a new winter coat and while passing through the `security gate in an European country, all bells rang. 2 police persons jumped me, and i was checked thoroughly. It seems 1 pin got stuck in my hem.
    Last not least i once sewed the sleeves together instead of sewing them to both sides of the back .


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