Monday 28 October 2013

Grocery Bag Holder...

I try not to use plastic bags when I go shopping, but somehow or another I still end up accumulating them. Hopefully by now, most of them are biodegradable. So, much as I might prefer to pretend I don't have any, I do and I needed a better way to store them. They were shoved inside another plastic bag.

Yesterday, I saw a tutorial for making a grocery bag dispenser, over at Monkey Makes Three. Perfect!!! Thanks, Fay.

Here's my new plastic bag holder. Such a quick and easy project!!! It took me longer to choose the fabric, than to make the plastic bag holder.

So, I whipped up an extra one. I'm wondering if I can be creative enough to use the second one as gift wrapping at Christmas? It's not dis-similar to a drawstring bag. Perhaps with ribbon or fabric scraps tied at each end? What do you think? I have plenty of time to work out the gift to pop inside.

... Pam


  1. I think that would make awesome teacher gifts.

  2. I have also made my own one of these Pam....but I LOVE your choice of fabric :)

  3. Very handy! Those bags do seem to accumulate even when you're trying your best!

  4. I could certainly do with making one of these Pam, our current storage is nowhere near as stylish!

  5. It sure looks better than a cardboard box I am using hehe

  6. Cute and practical to have one as well. Thanks for the link to the project!
    Marisa :)

  7. Gift wrapping is a great idea! With festive ribbons, it will be pretty, no-waste gift wrap!

  8. This is a really stylish way to store those bags :)

  9. I think it would be a clever gift wrap since it's useful all by itself. Perhaps use it to wrap a household or kitchen item?

  10. Fantastic Pam! I did one yesterday and it is beautiful!!! Well, non "technically" beautiful, because I am non very good at sewing. But it is beautiful because I made it with my hands!!!
    Thanks a lot!!!
    Irma from Italy

    1. There's just something very satisfying about making something yourself. And I'm sure your sewing does look beautiful. Don't worry if there's mistakes... that's how we learn.


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