Monday 14 October 2013

Darling Daisy Dress...

Darling Daisy Dress ~ pattern review Threading My Way
In August, I was lucky enough to win a copy of a PDF pattern for the Darling Daisy Dress, by Sew Like My Mom. Thanks, Mie, for hosting the give-away. You were right; it really is an easy project.

Darling Daisy Dress ~ pattern review Threading My Way

I can't recall seeing another pattern with a neckline like this. On reading the pattern, I thought that the inside was not going to end up as neatly as I would like, but I was wrong. It all sits well and I LOVE the look.

I've added an extra row of stitching close to the edge of the yoke, for extra strength... probably not necessary, but these dresses are headed for Dress A Girl Around the World and there will be no provisions for repairs. This is a great pattern for Dress A Girl, as there are no buttons or zippers needed. The dress also looks easy to take on and off without any help.

The armholes are faced with home-made bias. If you don't know how to make bias, the pattern gives instructions showing you how. It's easy!!! I've used up the last of my Amy Butler fabric in these dresses... Daisy Chain, Wildflowers and Daisy Chain, Daisy Bouquet. With the left over scraps, I just kept cutting strips for the bias and now have a card full of bias ready for another project.

The polka dot fabric is from my win over at Hawthorne Threads... Festive Forest, by Camelot Cottons. It's a great match for the Daisy Chain fabric!!!

The pattern can be made with two gathered tiers, as I have, or as a maxi, with three tiers. You could even make a top, with just one layer of gathering. I always make my gathers with two basting threads, even though the pattern suggested only one. I've never had a gathering thread break yet... I shouldn't speak too soon, as there's always a first time... LOL!!!

Either way, there's just the right amount of gathers. Whilst full gathers can look great on little ones, I don't think older girls like too many gathers. The pattern covers a huge range, from 3 months to 16 years, not an easy task, but I think Melissa has nailed it.

My dresses are a standard size 7. You can, however, make a custom fit for your little one, with comprehensive instructions provided. The bodice is done by chest size and the skirt tiers are done by height, so you get a dress that fits perfectly.

The pattern also shows how to make the dress with French seams, if you would like.

Darling Daisy Dress ~ pattern review Threading My Way

I'll definitely be using this pattern again, both for Dress A Girl and for the little girls in my life. It really is a great pattern... comprehensive, easy to follow and covers every detail for those new to sewing.

Just in case you were wondering about those ever so bright, orange coat hangers... they are from the 70s. I managed to buy a lot of fake fur, direct from a factory and very cheaply. Orange is not my favourite colour, but at the time... oh, I had orange everywhere. Thankfully, very little remains. For the purposes of the photo shoot, the orange coat hangers matched each other and they had hooks which turned, so I could hang them at the angle I wanted. Maybe I should update my hangers!!!

These 2 dresses bring my total to 14 dresses made towards my goal this year, sewing for the Australian rep for Dress A Girl. Hmmm... only two months left in the year. No way am I going to reach my goal. Once upon a time, I would have stressed over not reaching a goal I had set, but I've decided to let this one slide. The dresses will be made, just not in the initial time frame.

Do you set yourself goals and then stress if you don't achieve them?

... Pam


  1. That is a very cute neck line, I wish I had a wee girl to sew for. I'll have to make a tiny one for my American Girl doll (next summer! lol, we still have Halloween and Christmas). 14 dresses is an amazing amount of sewing, well done. And yes, I am guilty of "sewing stress." Takes my mind off of stressing about more important stuff. I live in my own little sewing head!

  2. Those dresses are are totally adorable and I love the fabrics you picked. I'm learning not to stress too much over not meeting my self imposed timelines, I'm getting better though.

  3. oh how cute :) Love the fabrics :) The dresses are super cute and look very comfy :) 14 dresses - wow!! Well done :)

  4. Great dresses Pam, the girls who get them will definitely feel fabulous in them.

    I am learning not to get too stressed when I don't meet my stitching goals, it happens so often you would think I might be used to it by now :)

  5. The dresses are very pretty, Pam. I'm sure they will be well received by the girls who get them. I did wonder about the fuzzy orange hangers...:)

    I sometimes stress over deadlines, more so if I've promised to make something for one of the kids. I'm trying to be a bit more realistic with my goals. I tend to make grandiose plans that I don't have a chance of accomplishing. But sometimes, it's good to dream big!

  6. The dresses are lovely Pam. I set too many goals to stress about them when I don't reach them. Lol. Cheers, Karen

  7. Very cute! Well, I reach a point where I just shrug it off or try to justify my lack of meeting the goal. For you, though, really truly, it is better to make 14 very well made dresses than 50 that are thrown together. Quality, not quantity. :) And you are doing a great job!!! I just got more fabric for dresses on Saturday, and I am considering making a variety of dresses instead of the usual peasant dress pattern I use. We will see...


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