Sunday 9 June 2013

Threading Your Way ~ Sewing Tutorials Pages ~ Link Parties

Welcome to the thirty sixth edition of Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way. Each ongoing, themed link party is steadily growing into a resource full of ideas and inspiration.

Our thirty sixth linky is a little different to our previous link parties. If you have ONE page that lists and links to all your sewing tutorials, then add that page to the link party. This party is NOT for individual tutorials. If you would like to add individual tutorials, have a look at the Master list of ongoing link parties.

    I will be adding tutorials pages, from the link party, to a new board I've created on Pinterest. Hopefully this will give your blog more exposure.

    Sewing Tutorials Pages

    Guidelines for linking up:
    • Link to your sewing tutorials page(not the home page of your blog and just to one page, not individual posts).
    • No direct links to shops or giveaways.
    The fine print:
    • By linking up, you are giving me permission to use one of your photos in a feature. I will, of course, link back to your post, giving you full credit.
    • By linking up, you are giving me permission to pin your post to Pinterest. I pin all features to Pinterest, unless you specifically request me not to.
    • By linking up, you are giving me permission to share your post on social media - FacebookTwitterGoogle+
    If you'd like:
    • Subscribe to Threading My Way (GFC, RSS, email), to keep up to date, to see if you've been featured and to know when the next themed party starts.
    • Grab a button to spread the word about Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way and put it somewhere on your blog. 
    • Visit some of the other links and discover some new blogs.

    I usually post Features each Saturday on Threading My Way. Features are chosen from all of the linkys, not just the most recent.

    I look forward to seeing your Sewing Tutorial Pages...

    Master list of ongoing link parties at Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way 

    Master list of ongoing link parties at Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way 
    1. Bags and Totes
    2. Dresses for Girls
    3. Dresses for Women
    4. Hair Accessories
    5. Pillows and Cushions
    6. Boys' Clothes
    7. Skirts for Girls
    8. Aprons and Art Smocks
    9. Purses, Clutches, Pouches
    10. Dolls' Clothes
    11. Women's Skirts
    12. Baby Clothes and Accessories
    13. Children's Tops and Shirts
    14. Women's Tops and Shirts
    15. Softies, Dolls, Toys
    16. Sewing Tips and Techniques
    17. Sewing with stretch fabric
    18. Quilting and Patchwork
    19. Embroidery, Stitching and Appliqué
    20. Jackets, Coats, Raincoats, Ponchos
    21. Hats, Bonnets, Beanies and Scarves
    22. Pants, Shorts, Trousers for Children
    23. Drawstring Bags and Fabric Baskets
    24. Pretend Dress Up Clothes
    25. Clothes for Men
    26. Kitchen Accessories
    27. Swimwear
    28. Sleepwear
    29. Gift Wrapping
    30. Electronic Gadget Covers and Cases
    31. Blog Tips
    32. Refashioning with Denim
    33. Women's Pants
    34. Sewing Accessories
    35. Home Decor
    36. Sewing Tutorials Pages
    37. Sewing Spaces
    38. Sewing for Charity
    39. Fabric Baskets
    40. Reusing Shirts & Ties
    ... Pam


    1. Mine has sewing and crochet tutorials, hope that's ok. Thanks for the party!!

    2. Awesome idea Pam! I love checking out folks' tutorial pages!

    3. 'Love your sewing library! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    4. Brilliant, thank you Pam:) Linked up, and started following you on Pinterest.

    5. What a good idea! I just added my page with tutorials.
      Thank you for hosting this links party!

    6. Great idea! I am hoping to get a little time, now that summer is here, to check out a whole bunch of these.

    7. cool! I just need to work out how to create a tutorials page... Still very very new to this...

    8. Oops, I just now realized I linked my tutorial and not my tutorial page. :( Pam, can you delete that so I can try again. I'm sorry. Sewing by Shirley....

    9. Thank you Pam, this was great idea! x Teje

    10. Ah, done :) Thank you Pam :) My title is longer than 20 characters, so I come up as While she was sleepi hahaha I am not sure if there is a way around it. If not - oh well :) Once again, thank you for your kinds words and for this opportunity to share what I get up to while LM is sleeping :)

    11. I do not have a button for my tutorials page,does that matter? Can I just use my blog button photo?

    12. Hi Pam :) I just added my new tutorial, how to create fabric flowers from an old t-shirt. Thanks for hosting :)

    13. Hi Pam - hope your readers find my piping tutorial helpful.

    14. Hi Pam, thank you for hosting a great sewing party. I entered my barbecue Cover. I hope it is suitable for your party. Greetings from Canada. Thelma...

    15. Hi Pam, this is my first link party! I linked my tutorial page, and I chose the wrong photo format. I was hoping I would get the option to change it after cropping but no such luck. Is there a way I can change the photo? Thanks Nina


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