Monday 3 June 2013

Crazy Patchwork Open Wide Zippered Pouch...

Finally, I have made a project pinned to my Pinterest boards. Actually, I have used two tutorials that I have pinned:

Quite some time ago, I purchased a packet of trimmings from Umbrella Prints, with the intention of entering a project in the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition. Unfortunately I didn't make the deadline, mainly because I started my project quite late on the night it was due.

Pictured above is my packet of trimmings: 100% organic cotton fabric and hemp/cotton fabric.

This was my first time attempting crazy patchwork and I'm rather pleased with the results. The solid coloured fabric is quilting cotton I added when I ran out of trimmings from the packet. To tie it in, I've added three rows of simple running stitches.

Both tutorials were comprehensive and easy to follow, with lots of photos to accompany the step by step instructions.

The crazy patchwork is made by sewing the pieces onto fabric. The tutorial suggested calico, but I just used a quilting cotton. Because I forgot to trim the crazy patchwork as I sewed, the front of the pouch didn't need any interfacing or batting.

For the back, I've just sandwiched thin batting in between two layers of quilting cotton and then quilted with random lines. 

I've lost my walking foot. I know where it was BEFORE I recently tidied my sewing room... LOL!!! Consequently, I used my regular presser foot, which resulted in a couple of puckers. This didn't matter, as that side became the inside, which was covered with the lining.

I am absolutely thrilled with how this zippered pouch turned out!!! In fact, it's my favourite one I've ever made. There's just something about the crazy patchwork and the combination of fabrics that really appeals.

Having said that, this little pouch is nowhere near perfect. Keeping it real at Threading My Way, here are my mistakes...

When doing the crazy patchwork, I cheated a couple of times, and turned a hem when I ran out of fabric. I've machine stitched to secure.

After the pouch was completely finished, I discovered a small unfinished edge, that was not sewn at all. Fortunately, it's on the bottom and I've hand sewn using a blanket stitch and hopefully it won't fray.

No need to explain the puckering near the zip. Also, if you look closely at the topstitching, you will see the stitching is not even. This is because I didn't trim as I was doing the patchwork and the different thicknesses in the fabric, resulted in uneven stitch lengths.

How on earth I managed to misalign the seams, I'll never know. All that was required, was to match up the exterior and the lining seams. Oh well; I'll pay better attention to that step next time.

It's funny how something with several mistakes can still turn out to be (in my mind), a very successful and rewarding project.

This zippered pouch is a birthday present, so unfortunately, not for me. I am, however, going to purchase another pack of Umbrella Prints trimmings, in the same colours, to make another one which will be for me. I do hope the recipient loves this one as much as I do.

The open wide zippered pouch will be joining the 100+ projects in the Purses, Pouches and Clutches collection, here at Threading My Way.

Head on over to Pinterest and have a look at the amazing projects that were entered into this year's Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition.

... Pam


  1. I LOVE your crazy patch colors. I especially like the running stitch which adds a little folk touch to the piece. Making this pouch with a wide mouth/bottom will help to hold more of the stuff I need to pack. I like the light colored lining as I have found it's easier to see things inside, whereas using a dark lining makes it hard to find things. enJOYed this project very much.

  2. I have made a bunch of these pouches, and now I need to do another one with patchwork! Love how it looks!

  3. So cute crazy patchwork pouch!I like so much how you mix a colors!The result is fantastic!Well done!!!

  4. Love the patchwork, colors, and quilting!

  5. Having just put up a "keeping it real" sewing post, I can really appreciate your honesty!

    My motivation was that I could not find a single review of the pattern I used that went into any detail about the construction, working with different fabrics, or personal issues or changes. There are always some things you pick up when doing patterns or techniques just as you've shown here. It help others to be aware of possible pitfalls.

    That said, your pouch looks beautiful. I love the top stitching and contrast quilting on the back.

    My daughter always says, "you are the only one who sees the glitches. A new play of the old, "If it can't be seen by a man riding by on horseback...";-}

  6. I like your crazy patchwork. Very nice work! Congratulation!
    Have a great week!

  7. Congrats on actually making a project you have Pinned, and even more congrats on using 2 Pins! Your pouch is really lovely Pam, the mistakes just add to its' charm :)

  8. Είναι πολύ πολύ όμορφο!!!!!

  9. Wow this looks great I have been making bags but this looks likes another interesting addition to my patchwork makes

  10. Wait ... what??!! We're supposed to actually TRY pins we pin --- who knew??!! LOL!! Just kidding - I don't try as many pins as I pin (the ratio is more like 982 - 1) but it's always fun finding a new idea and giving it a whirl - your bag turned out great! Love the patchwork - it's a great way to upcycle sweet scrap leftovers :D

  11. I really like it Pam! I've never done this style of quilting though I've seen some really neat stuff (including your bag). I'm sure the recipient will love it!

  12. it looks great, I love the crazy patchwork. how can it turn out so well with mistakes? because the mistakes don't matter!

  13. It looks great! And I didn't even notice the seam and zipper misalignment until the close up shot.;)

  14. I love crazy patchwork and it looks perfect on this pouch.

  15. This is really cute. I love making my own gifts for the holidays, I think my niece would really like this.

    1. Thanks! I'd love to see a photo if you make one...

  16. ooh I love the patchwork look! The colors are perfect!

  17. Cute pouch! Cool fabrics! Love the patchwork! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

  18. It looks great! You were very honest to point out your glitches, which I wouldn't have noticed:-)

  19. Love the effect of the crazy patchwork, it's perfectly suited to the project. And I definitely wouldn't have noticed the slight errors :-)

  20. I think it's gorgeous! I'm glad its not only me who finishes stuff and can then only see the errors. Well done!

  21. I love your Open Wide Pouch,the crazy patchwork looks great as does the hand stitching. As my mom likes to say those little mistakes just add character :)


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