Thursday 13 June 2013

Sewn by YOU...

I just love it when readers let me know they've used one of my tutorials. Whether it be an email, a message on Facebook or Twitter, a comment under a post, or a photo in the Threading My Way ~ Sewn by YOU Flickr group, I really do like to see the projects you have sewn.

Here are some fabulous projects that have been Sewn by YOU, using tutorials from Threading My Way...

Denim Fabric Baskets Tutorial... made using the legs of pre-loved jeans, these baskets cost very little to make.

Sewing Room Storage Basket by Vicky, from Vicky Myers Creations Recycled Bags

Tiny Denim Basket by Diana, from Quilt Love Laugh

Fabric Basket Tutorial... fabric baskets can be used for both storage and gift giving. Add some handles like Sandra did, and they can become a little basket for kids to carry around.

Fabric Basket Set by Janice, from Canada. Janice had just started learning to sew a month or so before she made these baskets.

Homemade Pampering Gift Baskets by Stephanie, from Curiosity Etc.

Baby Gift Basket by Ana, from Ana Love Craft

Fabric Baskets with Handles by Sandra, from Sandra Sews

Fabric Baskets by Jen @FlotsamNorth

Thread Catcher by Tina, from Sew, What's Cookin'?

Library Bag Tutorial... a very easy first sewing project. Here in Australia, school children require a Library Bag for use at school. It's so easy to make one that's not only fun, but easy to distinguish from all the rest. Thanks, Cindy, for the fabulous book titles idea.

Library Bag with book titles by Kate, from A Fountain of Mirth

Library Bags using Children's Art Works by Bella, from Nisabell Necessary

Drawstring Bag Tutorial... there's no end to the uses for drawstring bags: gift bags, makeup bags, treasure bags, activity bags or just a little bag to carry a few personal items. They can be made as is, or add some pretty embellishments, as Viji did on the following five bags she made.

I seriously love all of your projects, ladies, and I thank you SO much for showing me!!!

... Pam

Sewn by YOU
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  1. Great projects and great tutorials Pam!

  2. Thank you Pam , i can not show anything i have made from your tutorials but i want to thank you , because you Encouraged me with your blog. I enjoy doing my art and craft , but i also have a need to know others who do different kinds of sewing with the same creative joy i have .. and i found it here on your BLOG ,, i learn all the time from all your writing and from the wonderful people who write /show their works here ,,, that is my use of your tutorials ,,, but i can` Show a pic of it

  3. Thank YOU for all the inspiration and sharing YOU give US! Because of you I'm now making little girl dresses and my niece and I will be working on them together for HER little girl - I suspect that Miss Maddie is going to have an awesome handmade wardrobe, LOL!

  4. Thank you SO much for sharing my post :-)!! It's so wonderful to see how many people you've reached!!

  5. How fun! I love the library bag with the books!


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