Wednesday 22 May 2013

Shirt Apron...

This week is all about aprons. Yesterday I showed you the beautiful apron I received in a swap. Today, I'm showing you the second apron I've made for Mr TMW. This apron is rather plain, compared to his Star Wars apron, but then again, this one didn't cost a cent.

Not long ago, I was given a few men's, cotton Calibre shirts. The same as the shirt where I shortened the sleeves so I could wear it myself; this shirt is also worn across the shoulders at the back. Not a problem, as the shoulders and back needed to be cut off to make the apron.

To make this apron, I used the men's dress shirt refashioned to an apron tutorial by Amy, from Gabriel's Good Tidings. Making an apron doesn't get any easier than this. The actual apron only took a few minutes to cut out and make. The ties only added a little extra time and are made with strips cut from one of the sleeves.

I probably should have used a larger sized shirt, so the finished apron would be longer. Had the apron been for me, I would have added a ruffle, but I don't think that would go down well with Mr TMW... LOL!!! I still have one sleeve left, so I suppose I can add extra length with that if it's needed.

All in all, I'm happy with the new shirt apron and Mr TMW thinks it's OK, too.

Looking through the Aprons and Art Smocks Collection, here on Threading My Way, I've chosen 6 aprons that I'd like to show you today. Each of these aprons is made from pre-loved garments or vintage fabrics. If you would like to make an apron for minimal costs, you're bound to find some inspiration from these aprons. I just love them all.

Prairie Apron Tutorial by Kathy, from Katalina Jewelry
Kathy's apron was once a pair of denim bib overall shorts and two skirts.

Jumpsuit Apron by PC, from Meijo's Joy
PC's apron has been repurposed from a denim jumpsuit.

Appliqu├ęd Half Apron by Leanne, from Love Lee
Leanne's apron is made from a denim skirt.

Black and White Apron Tutorial by Kathy, from Katalina Jewelry
Kathy's second apron was once a blouse and a skirt.

Apron that Converts to a Bag by Mirjam, from See Art Differently
Mirjam's apron, made from old cloth, can either be worn or carried as a bag.

Jeans Apron by Diana, from Closet Crafter
Diane's apron is made from a pair of worn out jeans and some fabric scraps.

How's that for thinking outside the square!!! I think that's one of the reasons I like making things from pre-loved items. Repurposing, upcycling, refashioning... whatever you like to call it; there's no rules. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity. 

... Pam


  1. Love the use of old overalls. Wish I still had some for an apron!

  2. nice colection!!!Spesialy I like so much appliquet half apron!
    thanks for sharing!

  3. There's nothing an old pair of jeans can't turn into! I just wish my guys would wear through theirs more quickly :D

  4. Another excuse to raid my sons wardrobes!

  5. Neat idea! Nice collection.

  6. Great collection of aprons Pam! Thanks for including mine!!

  7. Compliments to Mr TMW , for his apron and for willing to Model it ,,,, and last not least for helping you .

    Thank you for featuring my Apron that converts into a bag. My late mother , for whom i made it, used to join friends in knitting embroidering and painting meetings. She said that in the embroidering meetings [when they made dolls etc for Kindergartens] , the bag enabled her not to loose anything, since all was in the bag , and when she worked she tied it to her hips, and when she got up , her work and threads slide into the bag , and she did not loose things!!!! mirjam

  8. You are really so sweet. Thanks for the feature, so so so honor!

  9. Love the first one: men's shirt apron. I also did this as a kids class, and it went over really well! Thanks for posting!

    1. I didn't think of making a shirt apron for a child, but that's a great idea and I have enough shirts to do just that.

  10. Think this would be good refashion for the shirts my son grows out of! Thanks, Pam :-)

  11. lately i made some aprons for friends. esp friends who started to paint . it is big fun and well accepted. they need pockets which can be made from tottaly different left overs !!


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