Friday 24 May 2013

Just a Little Addition...

Not so long ago, I showed you my latest dress for Dress A Girl Around the World... a simple t-shirt dress. I loved the fabric, but I wasn't happy with how wide the dress turned out. Thank you so much for all the suggestions as to how I could easily fix the problem.

Once I have finished a garment, I do NOT like to make alterations or adjustments and I very nearly left the dress as is. Many of you suggested bows at the side and as this was such an easy solution, I ran with it.

I would have liked to use grosgrain ribbon, but didn't have a suitable colour. Instead, I used some store bought bias tape. Each ribbon is 8" long and sewn 2" from the side seam... two simple bows that pull the waist in a little.

Just a little addition that has made a big difference to the look of the dress.

Thank you so much for all the comments and suggestions as to how I could easily fix the problem.

... Pam


  1. Good save! I'm with you, once something is done I have the hardest time going back. Glad this worked so well!

  2. oh so cute! I too can never be bothered to go back and alter something I've made!

  3. Aww... the is so much cuter!

  4. This dress is adorable. I like the ties even better than having it narrowed without.

  5. Love the dress, I would suggest that some elastic zig zagged around the waist would bring in the waist if you feel it needed to be narrower. Little children look okay with loose dresses. Love your sewing

    1. Thanks so much for adding to the discussion, Valda. Another good idea that would be easy to implement.

  6. That looks really sweet, Pam! Did the ribbon/bias tape have elastic too for cinching the waist or did you add it more to accentuate and make the dress seem less wide? Either way, I know a little girl will feel very special in this lovely dress.


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