Saturday 21 April 2012

It's all in the fabric... or is it?

What is it that makes a dress look just right? You can have the most wonderful pattern, but if you don't have the right fabric, the dress won't look wonderful. In fact, if you have chosen the wrong fabric, the dress will look anything but wonderful.

On the other hand, you can use a very ordinary pattern, but if you choose the right fabric, the dress can be stunning, awesome, wonderful and have the WOW factor.

Of course, this is all subjective. We all have different tastes and I see that as a good thing.

My questions to you are:
  • How important is the fabric?
  • How important is the pattern or style of garment?

For this little dress, I've cut off a pre-loved (but as new) onesie and used fabric from my stash. I've cut the main fabric in one piece and so only needed one seam, which I've done as a French seam and sewn at the back. The ruffle makes it extra girlie.

My Mum found this fabric in an Op (thrift) shop. It's a good quality cotton and brand new. It's the perfect match for the new blue t-shirt that was sitting in my cupboard. Thanks, Mum! I liked this one as is, without adding a ruffle or band at the bottom.

The last dress is much larger than the other two; about a size 12. I originally made the band twice the width, but it just didn't look right. The band is made from a thinner cotton, than the cotton floral, so I was able to turn it up again. I was glad I didn't have to unpick the band!!! From the right side, it looks like I've done two rows of topstitching just above the band. I've added a row of hand stitching to finish it off.

These three dresses will be heading off to the Australian representative for Dress A Girl Around the World. Head on over to Hopeful Threads for details of Kristy's sew-along to support Dress A Girl Around the World.

You should have a look at the two adorable dresses that Cass, from Cass Can Sew, had made for this month's sew-along; a Flutter Sleeve dress and a Pillowcase dress. Then head over to A Home, Made, where you will see two gorgeous dresses sewn by Amy; a T-shirt dress and a Peasant dress.

Kristy has a giveaway running at the moment: an autographed copy of Girl's World, by Jennifer Paganelli. I'd really rather you didn't enter the giveaway, because I'd like to win that book. So why am I telling you... because I'm so nice... LOL!!!

... Pam


  1. Love your post, Pam! Those dressed are too cute! I esp. love the second one, with it's sweet fabric, and its simplicity. Adorable!

  2. These dresses are very cute just the sort of thing my daughter wore when she was little they are timeless.

  3. Another three lovely dresses! You've been sewing up a storm Pam! I love that fabric your mother found... very cute!
    Thanks so much for the mention... you really are too kind x

  4. I have this debate with myself all the time.. I have to say though, based on the shop where I sell my things, the fabric makes a huge difference.. I've sold about 15 Kate's Dresses all up and the ones with the printed cord outsell the plain ones by far.. in fact I made up four sleeved dresses with plain cord and have only sold one, but patterned fabric makes up the rest.. exact same style dress so the interest is obviously in the fabric!

  5. Lovely fabric, is always a good start! I sometimes say that the fabric `speaks` to me and tells me what it `wants/can be` the fabric`s traits lead me to find a pattern `fits` them , the colors the fall and move of the fabric when handled and held in my hands.
    On the other hands i do have several patterns of clothes which i like and mostly wear, thus when going through stash and shops i try to match the right fabric to the right pattern.
    I don`t think there are rules,,, i am lead by my need for renewing clothes and what i see and find.
    P.s. being also a weaver i also wove cloth with a special dress or skirt in mind.


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