Friday 14 October 2011


I've just returned from eight days spent in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland. I had good intentions of scheduling a few blog posts before I left, but time ran out. We had a lovely time; lots of walking and lots of relaxing.

I did keep up with reading my favourite blogs and I even managed to write up one non-sewing related post. Time also permitted me to find and comment on some wonderful new blogs.

When we arrived home, I was very pleased to find a parcel of fabric in the post... yay!!! What a nice surprise to come home to. It was the fabric I ordered with the $25 Shabby Fabrics Gift Certicicate I won last month from Amy, at Diary of a Quilter.

I have to admit, though, that I didn't stop at spending $25. I don't have a lot of willpower when it comes to purchasing fabric. It's not as if I need more fabric.

Last month I took part in Stashbusting September and I was really pleased I did, as it most definitely curbed my fabric shopping for the month. Perhaps I need Stashbusting October, November and December.

For my recent birthday, Mr TMW gave me some gift vouchers for one of our craft/fabric stores. This means I'll be able to shop guilt free for fabric!!!

It's Think Tank Thursday, so tell me, are you a fabric-a-holic like me, or do you have willpower?


  1. I think any sew-aholic would be in total denial if they said they can avoid the temptation of (what I like to call)fabric hoarding! But in saying that I avoided temptation in spotlight the other day ... I went in to buy a rug and came out with a rug, shower curtain and a new hot glue gun ... but NO fabric!!! Yay me! lol.

  2. Love Brisbane! My parents live just north of Brissy. Lovely new fabrics. We recently won 3rd div in Tatts so I have a little bit of fabric money coming my way - yay!!

  3. I have no willpower when it comes to bargain fabric. It's unfortunate because that means I have yards and yards of less desirable fabric. I mean there's a good reason why some fabric goes on clearance--it's ugly!
    Happy belated birthday Pam! Best wishes!

  4. Love your fabric choices and I know how it is with fabric stashing :)
    Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

  5. I've been mildly successful maybe. I won't lie, I didn't have much of a stash when I started quilting and now I have a bit more, lol. I try hard to bust through it as fast as I can, though! I like the new prints :D

  6. Fabric-a-holic. In fact, for future Thursday Think Tank's my goal is to think tank projects with fabric I already own. I have to get through this fabric otherwise I can't justify buying more!!!


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