Friday 7 October 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

I tend to be very goal oriented and perhaps don't take enough time to relax, have fun and slow down to enjoy the little things in life. It's great to have goals, but balance is important. So.... here's a few pictures to remind me that it's OK to relax and take time away from my sewing and gardening.

Enjoying the Brisbane Botanical Gardens in Queensland... 
Strolling through the Hunter Valley Gardens in NSW with Mr TMW... 
A visit to the Fleurieu Peninsula, SA, with my Mum...

Mr TMW at Terrigal Beach, just north of Sydney, NSW...

Mr TMW relaxing at Port Douglas, Queensland...
Getting the right balance is not always easy!!!

.... a very short Thursday Think Tank. Yes, I know, it's actually Friday and I should have posted this in the morning, when it would have still been Thursday on the other side of the world, BUT, I've had fun today doing non sewing, non blog related activities.


  1. I am the SAME WAY. For 12 years my husband has wanted to go on these adventurous trekking vacations and I always veto. It wasn't until This Year that he looked at me and said "hmm, I understand why you enjoy pool/beach vacations is the only time you let yourself take a break" FINALLY the man gets it! I'm happy to see you relaxing and remind myself to also kick back as I will be away from my daughters this weekend and able to sleep in and do a bit for myself!

  2. Love your blog, just stopping by from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop, hope to see you back over at!!

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  5. Good for you for realising how important it is to do nothing :-)...I sometimes do nothing helps me to relax and get my energy back...your photos are lovely!


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