Sunday 26 July 2020

Showcasing ~ Fat Quarter Tea Towels ~ Tutorial

I have bundles and bundles of fat quarters, most bought on sale at my local quilting store. I'm not saving them up for anything in particular. The right project always comes along, eventually. 

Caroline, from Sew Can She, shows how to make Double Sided Embroidered Tea Towels. Each tea towel is made from two fat quarters. Hand sewn sashiko stitching with Pearl cotton helps them to hold their shape, not to mention it adds a lovely touch.

These would be great to quickly whip up for presents. I'd have to sew quite a few to begin to make a dent in my fat quarter stash.

Do you have a fat quarters that are sitting patiently waiting to be picked up and used?

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... Pam


  1. That is a clever idea. I do have unused fat quarters and could do with some more tea towels...

  2. Towels are a great idea for all the far quarters. I've started using fat quarters for masks. Every time I think I am finished making them, I get new requests for more.

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