Tuesday 30 April 2019

Behind the Scenes

During the last seven months, there's been next to no sewing here at Threading My Way

I've been able to keep the blog going, mainly with showcased projects and roundups, as well as updating the Daily Featured Free Tutorial when I can. The little sewing I have attempted, was done out of necessity - a little hand sewing for a family wedding.

Back in September last year, Mum broke her hip. She ended up staying in three different hospitals for just over three months in total - a long time for Mum to be away from her beloved garden. It was a frustrating experience for Mum, as well as a stressful and extremely busy time for me, spending many, many days at a time away from Mr TMW and my own home.

Once back home, my fiercely independent mother has had to relearn many of the things she once took for granted. This has not been easy, but with grit and determination, she's made enormous, almost unbelievable, progress.

In some areas, though, she's had to adapt to new ways of doing things, and to accept help from others - something she finds extremely hard to do - especially help that comes from, or is organised by me. 

Her mobility is not as good as it was, and she now requires a walker to get around. This in turn restricts her ability to garden.

Mum and I are very different in the way we think, and in our interests. The one thing we do share in common, however, is our passion for, and our love of gardening. 

All of the photos in this post are from Mum's garden - taken over the last couple of years.

Not bad for someone who's almost 99 years of age!!!

Difficult as this has been for Mum, it's also been hard for me - at times pushing me to my absolute limit. I've learnt a lot about myself during this time, and have found a strength I didn't know I had.

Throughout it all, Mr TMW has been incredibly supportive - both actively and as a shoulder to lean on.

Some weeks are more hectic than others. This past week, for example, Mum ended up with a serious infection in her eye - she lost all sight in her left eye, necessitating eye surgery. Luckily, it's looking like she might regain most of the sight in that eye.

A worrying time for Mum, but also a busy time for Mr TMW and me - driving long distances, navigating the streets of Sydney and rearranging our schedules. 

We don't plan too far ahead at the moment - things are just too unpredictable. Good thing, though - Mum's seeing more each day and the infection has disappeared.

As you know, my garden is my happy place - it's where I spend most of my spare time at the moment. Yes, I have had time to sew, but I just haven't been motivated. 

And that's where this blog post is headed.

I am trying to get back into the swing of sewing again, whether it be a few minutes here and there, or longer stretches. I still think about sewing - oh, I've planned and sewn so much in my head. It's time to make it a part of my life again.

Before I go to bed tonight, I'm aiming to sew a bag for Little Mister's soccer boots. I have already picked the fabric, so it should only take me half an hour - maybe double that if I take photos to do a tutorial.

Wish me luck!!!

... Pam


  1. Wow, what a stressful time for everyone, but it looks like you have handled it beautifully. So glad your mum is bouncing back, I've heard of plenty of people who break a hip and never get back to normal. I admire your gardening skills, and your photos are fabulous! Growing things is something I've never had success at. I hope you find some time to sew, and that you get some enjoyment and stress relief from it. All the best to you and your family.

  2. Sounds like you have just been through the wringer over the past few months, I do hope you can take some time for you now. Glad your mom is doing better. Take care.

  3. So hard to have a fiercely independent woman as your mom. It works well...until they actually become ‘dependent’...and then all kinds of things erupt. I have been there so I fell your pain and send my love. Just keep up the great work and you won’t have any regrets (or guilt) later on. So sew when you can and keep caring. 😘

    1. Thank you SO much for taking the time to comment, Sally. Means a lot to me that you have been able to read between the lines. You are spot on. Thank you!

  4. You have had a tough few months Pam, it is hard when a fiercely independant parent is forced to confront their need for support, I am sure that you and your Mum have had to accommodate a lot of adjustments in your lives. Hopefully as time progresses you will both be able to settle in to a situation that is appropriate and suitable for all concerned. In the meantime soothing your soul with time in the garden is one of the best things that you can do for your own good and for your Mum and wider family too! Your sewing mojo will return of its own accord :)

  5. Your Mum's garden is amazing. I'm glad she's getting better and will be able to enjoy it again even if she does need more help than she would like. I hope you'll be able to relax at least a bit, now, and enjoy some sewing after such an exhausting time :)


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