Sunday 21 April 2019

15+ Scrappy Quilt Tutorials

If you save small offcuts and scraps of fabric, you'll be all too well aware that they seem to multiply at an alarming rate. Once you've sorted out how to store them, what do you do with them? Quilts are a good solution, as they typically use smallish pieces of fabric.

Free quilt tutorials - bust your scrap fabric stash - Threading My Way

Some of the quilts I'm sharing today are made with charm packs and jelly roles, but they can just as easily be made with scrap fabric you have on hand.

Even scraps with no apparent colour theme can be made into a quilt. Joy, from Joy's Jots, Shots, & Whatnots, threw squares into a basket, mixed them up and pulled them out blindly, to make a Real Scrappy Quilt.

A Ticker Tape Quilt uses very little pieces of fabric, and the shapes don't have to be the same size. Amanda Jean, from Crazy Mom Quilts, for Sew Mama Sew, says the random size of the very small scraps dictates the resulting layout.

Measuring 64" x 64", Simple Simon & Company's Building Block Quilt is made with two different blocks - a nine patch for smaller scraps, offset with a larger block.

My Scrappy Blocks Quilt is made with a jelly roll, but the pattern lends itself to rectangular strips of scrap fabric. You can match the colours in each block, or go for a totally random colour theme.

Elizabeth, from Oh Fansson, for Sew Mama Sew, shows how to make a Quick-Piece Tiny Squares Quilt using lightweight fusible interfacing. This method could be used with any size squares, but in this case they are 2" x 2". 

Twelve Disappearing Nine Patch quilt blocks have been sewn together by Teresa, from Sewn Up - Teresa Down Under. She has used pre-cut 5" charm squares to make the blocks and turn them into a quilt. Fabric scraps could also be used.

Using fabric scraps to make a string quilt is on my To Do list. Oxford Impressions cut fat quarters into strips of various widths to make her Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Quilt.

No two string quilts look alike due to the fabrics chosen, but also the placement of the strips and blocks. Daryl, from Patchouli Moon Studio, has made a Herringbone String Quilt using brown strips from her scrap stash.

Elizabeth, from Oh Fansson, for Sew Mama Sew, shows how to make a Charm Square Baby Quilt. It takes 38 x 5" charm squares.

Improv piecing is something I haven't tried yet, but it's a great way to use up irregular shapes of scrap fabric. Jessica, from Quilty Habit, has centred her Facets of Emerald quilt with greens, surrounded by greys and whites.

I have a stash of fabric squares in various sizes, ready to whip up into a quilts when time permits. Sometimes I'll cut a whole heap of squares in one go, whilst at other times I cut the squares as I finish a project, storing them till ready. In this case, I used 4" flannelette squares to make a lap quilt.

Curtain fabric has been used to make Joy's (Joy's Jots, Shots & Whatnots) Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt. The placement of the blocks changes the overall look of a disappearing nine patch quilt. 

My Mini Log Cabin Quilt was made entirely from fabric in my stash. The sashing and border fabrics are not scraps, but everything else is.

Deanna, from Wedding Dress Blues, has made her Twinkle Baby Quilt with 208 scrappy 2½" squares. She has used a variety of colours.

Joy, from Joy's Jots, Shots & Whatnots, has utilised flannel (flannelette) shirts to make a Six Strip Rail Fence Quilt

Simple Simon & Co show how to make their 100 Block Scrap Buster Quilt. You could make one in random colours, or any colour combo of your choosing.

Another Shirt Quilt, this time made with cotton button down shirts. Both shirt quilts could be made with left over quilting cottons.

Heres a few more ideas...

So many great ideas for busting through your scrap fabric stash. For more ideas, check out the 250+ ideas in the Quilting & Patchwork link party here at Threading My Way.

Tell me, what do you do with your fabric scraps?

... Pam


  1. I use my scraps to make quilts, table runners, bags, mug rugs and more. But the scrap pile grows bigger instead of smaller!!!

  2. So many lovely scrappy quilts showcased here, Pam. Thank you for sharing all these ideas. Scraps do have a habit of multiplying don't they. Scrappy quilts are my favourite sort of quilts; here is just something about all that scrappy happiness.

  3. I have an ever growing bag of scraps. I used some of them for testing my stitches when I'm working with different lengths/widths. I made a doll dress from a polka dot woven cotton piece. Scraps could be perfect for anyone who makes small doll clothes. I'm still saving the rest for any thing that pops up!

    1. Doll clothes - that's a great way to use up small scraps, Diana! I always have small scraps on hand for testing stitches, tension, etc.


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