Tuesday 3 May 2016

All Women Become Like Their Mothers... or do they?

All women become like their mothers, or so the saying goes. I can't see any evidence to suggest it's happening yet, despite some family members saying otherwise. I'll let you be the judge.

I don't know about you, but as teenagers growing up in the 60s, we desperately wanted to be different to our parents and the generations that came before us. 

The 60s was a time of great change. We watched images on black and white TVs, as the first man walked on the moon. We listened to music by a long haired group called the Beatles. We heard about the horrors of the Vietnam War and breathed a sigh of relief when boyfriends escaped the birthday lottery of conscription

And we joined in with the changing trends of fashion to be as far away from our parents as possible... short tight skirts, long hair in our eyes, bright bold colours and jeans.

At about fourteen or fifteen years of age, I fought hard to be allowed to buy my first pair of jeans and I won. Mum, got back at me by decreeing... Well, if you have to wear jeans, you can iron your own clothes. From that day on, I ironed all my clothes, and jeans became my uniform of choice. To this day, I still prefer jeans over any other form of clothing.

These photos were taken at a craft market late last year. Mr TMW took photos as Mum and I wandered around the stalls. My daughter has stated that she'll be throwing out all her blue tops and hats... LOL!!!

Personally, I can't see what my family is on about. Skinny jeans versus not so skinny pants. Long hair, still in my eyes, versus short hair. The hats are totally different.

It's not just the clothes, though. Every now and then I'll cough, move my hands in a certain way, say something, or make a gesture, and the kids will comment... You know that's just like Nana.

It's good to want to be different to your parents and to be your own person, however, there's a thing called genetics. Some traits are passed on, whether we want them or not.

Mum, at almost 96 years of age, is an avid gardener, knows her way around a computer better than many of my former work colleagues, never tires of getting down on the floor playing endless games with her great grandchildren, is fiercely independent, with a mind of her own, can thrash every single member of the family at Scrabble, is as sharp as a tack and not dependent on anyone.

Definitely a lot to aspire to.

Love you Mum!!! 

... Pam


  1. Your mum sounds amazing! It would be wonderful to become your mother! And, your outfits both look nice. :)

  2. Those sound like some pretty good genes to fit in to!!

  3. What a nice post! With a mom like that, some will like to be like her. Recently I can see my mom when I look in the mirror and I don't mind.

  4. I always aspired to be like my Mother, she's a beautiful woman with a beautiful nature. Your Mother sounds wonderful! :)

    1. Mum rang me tonight, Sheila, to thank me for the post.

  5. Pam , first may i tell you what a wonderful post you wrote, and thank you for sharing these delightful photos of you both togetner. Of course you have some similarities and some different traits...and both are fun to watch and recognize [don`t tell your daughter shshsh ,, but in 20 years or so she might look like both you and her grandmaother!]. I never saw my mother in Jeans, but like her i wear dresses and skirts . i differ from mine in the colors i wear, she loved combinations of black and white, i don`t wear black at all , my Daughter wears a lot of blacks [specially when performing her music] and she wears pants, mostly black .. In the miror i see a mixture of my mother and of my father`s side, esp one sister of my grandfather whose son says i even speak like her, My daughter has expressions like several people , i can see my MIL in her face at times and on other times she reminds me of my grandma,,, It is all very fascinating. Wish you and your mother many more happy years together mirjam

  6. What a lovely post! Wow, your mother is such an inspiration. I love seeing family traits in my children. I see a lot of my sister in one of my girls; my sister passed away 30 years ago, so I feel like I have a piece of my sister back. I notice little physical things I do like my mother always did.

  7. Wow - your mother sounds fabulous! Mine passed away 15 years ago at a relatively young age. I always strived not to be like her (can't really remember why now!), yet I look in the mirror and see her looking back at me!

  8. Your mother always sounds amazing! Never mind whether you want to be like her, I know I do! I got a lot from my own Mum about parenting, sewing, cooking and more but sadly another lesson I also took from her was how not to grow old. It wasn't easy for her because she had Parkinsons but she did not make a good job of it and it has made me determined to do better.


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